The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies is one of the finest books available on the identification, use, and healing properties of dozens and dozens of plants.

The authors’ love for herbs and expertise in this field shines through on every page. It is obvious that a great deal of research went into the publication of this work.

We highly recommend The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies for anyone even remotely interested in the topic. Whether you’re a home gardener who wants to start growing herbs (or more herbs!), a parent or grandparent who wants to have natural options for common childhood illnesses, or a prepper who would like to have natural medicine backups in case the medical system one day fails, you need a copy of this book.

This valuable reference book is available both in digital format and as a physical product. I recommend getting both the digital and physical copies for the convenience of both formats (and the best deal!).

Dr. Nicole has even created an amazing video that is truly so good I just had to share it with you here.

In this video she shares her own health crisis and how herbal remedies have been key to her journey back to health, as well as the health of so many others.

Take a few minutes to watch her video, and find out about the special book offer she has made available to you. You can watch her video HERE

Dr Nocole


Written by Dr. Nicole Apelian, Ph.D., and Claude Davis, The Lost Book of Remedies is a true treasure trove of healing wisdom.

To provide a little background, Dr. Nicole has a Ph.D. and has worked as an ethnobiologist and anthropologist. She has been an adjunct professor at Prescott College, an adult educator for the Audubon Society of Portland, and an instructor at various schools, universities and leading conservation education programs.

Nicole was also a challenger on the second season of History Channel’s TV series “Alone.”  She thrived in the wilderness totally solo for 57 days with little more than her knife and her wits!

But what Nicole is best known for is making powerful herbal remedies.

She’s helped thousands of peoples with all sorts of health conditions with her invaluable herbal advice. 

The other author of this amazing herbal resource is Claude Davis. Claude is a history expert and editor for a popular prepper website. Claude has a genuine interest in understanding and honoring the past while bringing the wisdom of past ages to bear on our current day.


Clocking in at over 300 pages, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies contains a very impressive array of herbal information, all carefully designed to give the reader the best reading experience. It is clearly written without any technical jargon.  You can tell the writers and editors really put a lot of time and effort into this treasure trove of herbal wisdom.

The Medicinal Herbal Reference Guide

This reference book starts off with 19 pages jam-packed with a really handy Medicinal Herbal Reference Guide. This guide is divided up by health concern, with references to herbal remedies (including page numbers) so you know right where to go for each specific health concern.

Need help with heartburn? This book contains no less than 15 herbal remedies that can help this condition.

Fighting the stomach flu? Find eight powerful herbs that can come to your aid.

The Lost Book of Remedies offers herbal advice for common ailments like stomach flu and female issues

Struggling with female issues, infections, or circulatory disorders? Never fear! This book has a whole host of helpful herbal suggestions that could well contain the answer you have been seeking.

How to Harvest the Healing Power from Plants

The first main section of the book is “How to Harvest the Healing Power from Plants.” Here it is wisely pointed out that “Medicine has a much longer history than the modern pharmaceutical industry.”

Nicole and Claude provide a very helpful discussion about how to identify and harvest herbs, how to dry herbs, and encapsulating powdered herbs.

The book covers how to identify and harvest herbs, drying herbs, and encapsulating powdered herbs

The authors also cover herbal water infusions, both cold and hot methods. Instructions are given on how to infuse herbs into oils, with both hot and cold oil infusions.

Directions for making salves and tinctures and extracts are provided as well. (Their double extraction technique is really amazing!)

And if all of this wasn’t already enough, there are also sections on distillation, poultices, and medicinal syrups! This book is truly a herbal gem.

Backyard Plants for Herbal Healing

Nicole and Claude then go into a discussion of backyard plants. Yes, that’s right—there are literally dozens of plants commonly found that contain powerful herbal healing properties!

Wild and cultivated herbs can be had in your own backyard

Discussion of each plant includes a photo and helpful identification guides with medicinal uses and cautions and warnings when needed.

Forest and Woodland Herbal Healing

After covering dozens and dozens of backyard plants, the authors move to a discussion of plants found in forest, woodlands, and scrublands. All of the information in this guide is so helpful, but I found this section to really contain several eye openers.

In addition to healing properties, a number of these plants are also excellent food sources. This would be very valuable information if you ever found yourself lost in the woods and needed an emergency food source.

Healing Properties of Trees and Shrubs

The third major section of this book is taken up with trees and shrubs. Once again, I was amazed at the breadth of the authors’ knowledge!

There are so many trees that I have seen but was unaware of the powerful healing components they contain. For example, the berries of the bilberry shrub contain powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antihistamine properties. This is just one of the dozens of trees and shrubs covered in this resource.

Medicinal Mushrooms and Lichens

The fourth section covers medicinal mushrooms and lichens. (As an aside, if you’ve ever wondered where the lion’s mane mushroom got its name, the photos in this guide will fully answer that for you!)

Water-Loving Herbal Healing Plants

The fifth section on plants goes into water-loving plants. This is a fascinating area that covers such well-known plants as cattails, those funny plants that look kind of like a big hot dog on a stick!

Home Remedies

The final part of the book has an excellent discussion of home remedies such as activated charcoal and boric acid.

The book concludes with an exhaustive index, covering all the plants and conditions discussed in this book. At 318 pages, this is a comprehensive resource that belongs in the home of all herb lovers everywhere!


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    The eBook comes with a helpful step-by-step guide to help you understand how to use medical plants.
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    It is affordable and easily accessible.
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    It comes with added bonuses.
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    It is available in both print and digital versions so you can access the eBook wherever you are.


The Lost Book Of Remedies is available both in physical copy and in digital format (PDF) as well. Please keep in mind that depending on which version of the book you choose to purchase, you might not receive the physical copy.

The Lost Book Of Remedies also includes a 60-day money back guarantee (compared to most competitions' 30-day time window), unlimited customer service support and coaching, and two added bonuses.

The first bonus you will receive is a report called "The 72 Square-Foot Medicinal Garden." This report will show you how easy it is to set up and grow your own medical plants.

The second bonus you will receive is a report called "Disaster Medicine: A Handbook For When Help Is NOT On The Way." In scary and stressful situations, you could run the risk of needing help when no one is around. In this added report, you will be able to learn about the most common infections and diseases, how you run the risk of catching them, and how you can learn to diagnose and treat the issue.

The first report you’ll get is The 72 Square-Feet Medicinal Garden in Your Back Yard.

Wouldn’t it be nice to walk out into your back yard and find the medicine you need growing right there? 

If you think about it, 72 square feet is a very small piece of land; it’s only 12 feet by 6 feet (3m x 2.2m). So no matter how small your backyard is, you can grow your own natural remedies there.

The second report you’ll get is called Disaster Medicine: A Handbook for When Help Is NOT on the Way.

In a cataclysmic crisis, you can bet help is not coming from anyone but yourself. In this bonus, you’ll find the 20 most common infections and diseases you could catch during a crisis, and you’ll learn how to diagnose and how to treat them.


The Lost Book Of Remedies was designed to focus on the many benefits of medical plants. When you begin reading this eBook, it will introduce you to different medical plants that you can plant and grow in your backyard. It will also teach you how you can use these plants to potentially help aid in various medical conditions. The plants not only could potentially reduce various symptoms but it could also potentially help address the main cause of issues.


Here are some of the reviews...  

I almost passed on buying this book due to the cost. I am so glad I have it on my shelf!! Haven’t you always wondered about those plants around the house? Especially the ones we call weeds? Well what a surprise to receive Mr. Davis’s book and open it up to see dozens of “weeds” in clear pictures with well written explanations about them. Healing is truly in the earth and all around us. Mr Davis explains each common plant, what it’s medicinal uses can be and then how to make them into safe and effective medicines. I can’t wait to get out there and harvest some that grow around my house and used to fall prey to the weed wacker!! Thank you grandfather Davis.... your grandson has done you proud. The book and pages are copy paper size and well illustrated and very easy to read. I just love it!!

Ladyhawk.   WHAT A GEM! 

I've had extensive involvement in healthcare and the unfortunate corruption of conventional medicine and this book is a valuable resource for anyone who wishes to research more options for health remedies that may provide the elusive answer to a stubborn ailment. Plus, being able to grow the plants suggested in this work will enhance the beauty of any landscape!


Wow, this book has 2-4 color pictures for every plant, with in depth identification notes. easy to use. lots of remedies, tinctures, syrups, ointments, poultices, etc. Also, at the end the book has an index with all the conditions you can think of… and the pages where you’ll find the remedies and plants for your particular needs



  • It will help you to know the benefits of some medical plants that you can find and grow in your backyard.
  • You can use these plants to treat both minor and major health issues.
  • You will find a list of spices helpful to treat viral or parasitic issues with the detoxification of your body.
  • You will be aware of some flowers that can help to treat and prevent different types of cancers including colon, breast, and prostate.
  • All these plants are clinically proven, tested, and used by our ancestors.
  • It will help you to identify the herbal medicines and wild edibles such as water Cattails and widespread weed.


Treatments have become more expensive than ever. When you keep visiting medicals to treat all your diseases, it is going to hurt your pocket and harm your body. Just imagine how many times you pay a visit to the nearby facility to treat the common ailments of your family and then calculate the expenses. You will find a reason to try The Lost Book of Remedies. Affordability is an added benefit. The plants are effective to treat the health issues of your entire family.

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