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August 5, 2017

oil diffuser

So your ready to purchase your first oil diffuser, but how do you know which one to buy?

With so many options to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which diffuser is just right for your needs. We are going to show you some of the most popular diffusers on the internet to uncover the pros and cons of each. 

Often, we get asked for the very best oil diffusers in the market as well as the best one for kids, large rooms, made of glass, and every other request you could imagine. Therefore, today we want to dig deeper and answer some of these fantastic questions. After taking you through a review of three superb models, we’re then going to answer some quick-fire questions so, without further ado, let’s take a look.

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​What is an Oil Diffuser?

If you’ve never seen them before, an oil diffuser is an ornament-looking device that releases a cool mist of oil into a room in order to improve the air quality, release a beautiful smell, and add moisture to the air. Nowadays, there are a variety of different models from ones that change color to others that have a natural wood finish.

Benefits of an Oil Diffuser

All things considered, there are a number of benefits to having an oil diffuser in your home including improved sleep and relaxation, preventing illness, lifting your mood, helping all nearby to breathe easier, relieve pain, improve cognitive function, and they’re a much safer option to candles and incense burners if you happen to have pets or children in the house.

Product Reviews - As promised, we have three of the most popular models on the market so you can see what to look for, what features can be found, and how they all work.

​VicTsing Wood Grain Diffuser

vicTsing Oil Diffuser

First up, we have a product from VicTsing that has been suggested for a spa, yoga room, study, office, bedroom, or even where your baby sleeps each night. When you look at the product, the first thing you’re likely to notice is the natural wood grain finish which means it doesn’t have to be an eyesore within your home. Sometimes, these types of products stand out like a sore thumb but this one, colored in black, will blend in with other ornaments and features.

In terms of practicalities, the manufacturer claims it can cover a room of 25-30 square meters with four different timer options depending on your needs. As well as having it run continuously when perhaps you’re entertaining guests, you can choose to have it operate every one, three, and six hours. Regardless of frequency, it helps to create a calm atmosphere and comes with an auto shut-off feature.

Next, you even have two different choices for the type of cold mist; strong and weak. In total, tests suggest you should get around 10 hours in terms of mist time from the water tank of 300ml. After you add a few drops of oil, it will leave your room smelling fresh for hours to come. As a small unit, you can easily take it between rooms and the cap itself is easy to remove whenever necessary. If required, you could even use it as a humidifier.

Finally, if you find it relaxing to have different colors (or maybe your child will appreciate this feature), it boasts seven LED lights. Once again, you’re in charge as you can choose between one fixed color or switch between them all.

With all of these features in mind, it makes for a superb aromatherapy tool for you, your studies, your relaxation, and your children.


​InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

innogear oil diffuser

Although the VicTsing model is made from natural wood, it’s come's in black as well.  This model is fantastic if you’re looking for a more natural wood finish. If you have a wooden fireplace or structure in your home, this wood grain diffuser will fit perfectly.

Moving away from the aesthetics, it can hold of up to 200ml which is a little less than the previous option but bigger than others you’ll find in the market so this isn't a problem. If you want the misting to last for a longer period of time, simply switch between high and low. On the lower option of the two, the fragrance and impact won’t be quite so strong but the water will last significantly longer so maybe you want to find the balance of flicking between the two settings at different times of the day or when you have guests.

In terms of appearance, the InnoGear model offers seven different colors although you can choose to have it constantly on one or on none at all. For children, this is a superb oil diffuser because the colors can be changed from bright to dim. Not only does it work as a nightlight, the aroma around the bedroom should then be enough to set them off into a natural, high-quality sleep. Furthermore, it could also be used for a romantic atmosphere if so required.

As with most diffusers on the market today, this one comes with different timing options including one, three, and six hours. If you need it on for an extended period of time, you can also set it to remain on constantly. However, the device will automatically switch off when the water levels are low to prevent damage and potential incidents.

​URPOWER Oil Diffuser V2

urpower oil diffuser

In this second installment from URPOWER, we have a fantastic oil diffuser and we should note the price difference between this and the two other suggestions we have. Of the three, this is the cheapest on Amazon and many other sites but it’s also different in a couple of ways.

Firstly, the appearance is very different and doesn’t offer the wood finish of the other two models. If you have a modern home or aren't too worried about appearance, this won’t be a big concern for you. Secondly, this is an upgraded version from the first URPOWER diffuser and they say more mist is produced by this one. Furthermore, there are seven different colors to utilize meaning it can be used as a nightlight after switching the aroma settings off. If you only want it on for certain times in the day, you can programme a particular cycle which is a huge advantage. As we saw with InnoGear, this will also switch off as soon as the water levels drop below a safe amount.

In terms of size, it’s actually just a little bit bigger than an iPhone 6 when stood up and the device is easy to use. With a simple switch, you can turn on the mist as well as the light depending on your needs. By pressing the light button once, the LED will change color at regular intervals with no input from you. If you press it a second time, you can select a color and it will stay this way until you turn it off once again (by pressing the button a third time).

On the downside, this diffuser has a smaller capacity than the previous two models. Compared to the VicTsing model, you have just one-third of the space (100ml) which leads to more regular refills. Once again, this is something that may or may not affect your experience depending on your needs and how happy you are to keep adding water and essential oils.

Best Essential Oil Diffuser For…

With these reviews completed, we would like to finish with a few scenarios and questions we receive regularly. By hitting an array of topics, hopefully we can answer your question or at least help you in your decision moving forward!

Large Rooms?

As we’ve already seen, the VicTsing model has a large capacity which means it can generally work for longer, uninterrupted periods and this will be beneficial in a large room. This being said, there are also larger diffusers that boast 500ml, 600ml, and even 800ml of water. If you look at other brands such as Apalus, Homasy, and NexGadget, you can get a proper overview of the market.  CLICK HERE TO SEARCH FOR THE BEST OIL DIFFUSERS FOR LARGE ROOMS

oil diffuser for large rooms

oil diffuser for large rooms


Nowadays, the oil diffusers themselves are as safe as they’ve ever been thanks to thousands of dollars in investment by the biggest brands. For example, the three products we’ve discussed today will all do a fantastic job for children. Therefore, your focus should be on the features and the essential oils you use.  

oil diffuser for kids

If you want a nightlight as well as the diffuser, numerous models offer this function. However, you should look for the brands that allow you to dim the lights whenever required. In terms of essential oils, you could look towards catnip, bergamot, basil linalool, blue tansy, chamomile, coriander, dill weed, juniper berry, lavender, mandarin, patchouli, pine, rosalina, tea tree, and a few others. In truth, it’s always best to avoid diffusers with children under three months but after this they can be helped to sleep and reach that place of relaxation at a young age.  



As we’ve mentioned all the way through, diffusers are seeing advancements we never thought possible and this has now manifested itself with some offering music. With brands such as Sensation and Aromazzar, you can connect your headphones, audio cable, and other music devices whilst taking advantage of all the other fantastic features to really reach full relaxation.  CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST OIL DIFFUSERS FOR MUSIC

oil diffuser with music

oil diffuser with music


If you’re looking to improve the aroma in your vehicle after years of misuse, muddy football boots, and the odd takeaway, there are some brands who specialize in this arena. While some attach to the fans and air conditioning system, others will plug into the car using a 12V car adapter. If you’re interested, Arospa produces one of the very best options but you’ll also find models from JR Global, Deli, SpaRoom, and Egrace.   CLICK HERE FOR THE BEST OIL DIFFUSERS FOR CARS

oil diffuser for car

oil diffuser for car


There we have it, your ultimate guide to the very best oil diffusers on the market in 2017 and beyond. Along with the three main reviews of products we like, we also gave you some options for children, your car, and more!

As technology continues to advance, we’re likely to see even more additions to the industry whether it comes from bluetooth capabilities, changing scents, or even one that could tell bedtime stories to children. With the changes we’ve seen so far, none of these would be surprising so it’s certainly an exciting time for the industry as a whole!

The Most Popular Oil Diffusers on the Market

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