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September 6, 2021

Tea tree oil has a sharp, distinctive smell that many people love. It’s often associated with cleanliness and freshness, a bit like mint. But if you don’t like the smell of tea tree oil, can you purchase an unscented version?

You can buy unscented tea tree oil – search on Google and you will find a number of unscented products available. However, the compounds that give tea tree oil its scent are what make the oil so beneficial, so it may not be the best decision to buy an unscented oil.

An alternative option, which will still enable you to reap the benefits of the oil without the harsh smell, is to neutralize your tea tree oil before you use it.

How Do You Make Tea Tree Oil Not Smell?

Tea tree oil in its pure form will naturally smell very strong. But if you dilute this oil in a carrier oil – which is recommended when using any essential oil – you will reduce the intensity of the scent.

Coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil are good carrier oils to consider. You should use around 10 drops of carrier oil for every one drop of tea tree oil. This won’t reduce the effectiveness of tea tree oil in any way, because of how potent the form is in its pure, 100% form. But it will reduce the smell.

If you still think the scent is too strong after mixing tea tree with a carrier oil, try adding another essential oil to mask or complement the smell. Mint is a good option, but only if you like the smell. Citrus and lavender are also strong enough to cover up the tea tree scent.

You don’t always have to dilute tea tree oil in another oil, either. You could choose to mix the oil into your shampoo or conditioner for hair care, or into your moisturizers and creams for skincare. If these products already have their own scents, you shouldn’t be able to smell the tea tree scent on top of this.

Note that whatever you choose to mix your tea tree oil into, you should make sure that it is properly incorporated into the product.

How Do You Get The Smell Of Tea Tree Oil Out Of Your Hair?

If you’ve used a tea tree oil shampoo and the smell has lingered, the easiest way to get rid of the scent is to simply wash your hair again with a different product. However, the smell shouldn’t be too potent, so you could alternatively wait it out. You’d be unlikely to smell anything after around 24 hours.

For bigger tea tree oil mishaps – for instance, if you applied pure tea tree oil to your scalp – you may need to make a bigger effort to get rid of the turpentine smell.

Using a white vinegar rinse is a good option for stripping away unwanted smells. Simply apply white vinegar to your hair, then leave for up to 10 minutes before rinsing off. Follow up with your usual shampoo and conditioner. You may need to repeat the rinse more than once to take the smell again.

Some people recommend using baking soda, too – in the same way that it can absorb fridge and bin odours, baking soda should effectively absorb the tea tree oil odour in your hair. Simply sprinkle baking soda onto your scalp and leave for up to half an hour before following with your usual shampoo and conditioning routine.

What Can I Mix With Tea Tree Oil To Make It Smell Better?

We’ve already covered your tea tree oil mixing options in this article, but to recap, you can combine tea tree oil with the following:

  • Coconut oil     
  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Moisturizers

Other essential oils, such as mint, lavender and citrus oils

Why Do I Crave The Smell of Tea Tree Oil?

On the other end of the scale, you might love the smell of tea tree oil so much that you’re almost obsessed with it. If you just like to sniff your tea tree oil air freshener or shampoo when you’re nearby, that’s fairly normal. Enjoying nice smells is a human trait.

However, if you crave the smell of tea tree oil, you might be experiencing an unusual pregnancy craving. Pregnancy can make the body crave all sorts of strong smells, including some food smells, the smell of petrol, and the smell of tea tree oil.

In short, craving the smell of tea tree oil probably isn’t anything to worry about. But if you’re going to drastic measures to get your tea tree oil fix, you might want to book an appointment with your doctor – or, if necessary, take a pregnancy test!

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