September 26, 2020

Benefits of Green Juice

The green juice trend has been around for a while now, and has expanded its popularity to all sorts of people, not just health-conscious individuals looking to lose weight. Smoothies made out of kale and broccoli may have once been seen as something only a crazy person would drink, but today, more and more green juices are being served up in premium cafes. Most of them, you’ll be happy to know, taste much better than they look.

If you somehow don’t know what green juice is, it’s exactly how it sounds: a blended drink made out of green veggies. While all green juices may share the same color, they’re never quite the same in terms of their taste, health benefits, and qualities.

Green juice is a drink made from a blended combination of green vegetables

The most popular green juices consist of cucumber, kale, apples, celery, parsley, spinach, mint, lettuce, and collard greens. However, there’s a lot of room for creativity, and you can throw in whichever veggies and fruits you like, to make a concoction of your own choice.

Green juices are supposed to provide a ‘full’ feeling while being low-carb, making them a nutrition-rich on-the-go snack or breakfast. It can easily help you achieve the nutritional requisites of a balanced diet.

By combining raw veggies (and/or fruits) in a processer or blender, you can save a good amount of money by making your own refreshing drinks instead of getting a Starbucks every day. Drink your juice immediately, carry it with you in a thermal flask, or store it in the fridge for up to 24 hours—it’s up to you!

Green juices aren’t just refreshing drinks—they’re a symbol of self-love, physical wellness, and consciously making healthy lifestyle choices.

Here are the top 11 benefits of adding green juices to your daily diet:

1. It protects against free radicals

Fruits and Vegetables have antioxidants that fight free radicals

Free radicals can’t be avoided. These common molecules are all around us, and they’re just as dangerous as they are common. 

When they find their way into our bodies, they can harm (and even kill) our cells. At the very least, these harmed cells can cause premature aging symptoms, causing us to look older at a much younger age. Worst case scenario: they go on to facilitate the development of certain types of cancer.

Our best defense against this dangerous yet widespread threat is antioxidants. To boost your intake of antioxidants, there are various fruits and vegetables you can add to your daily diet. Antioxidants can neutralize free radicals and prevent them from harming the body’s cells. Green juice happens to be one of the best organic sources for boosting your antioxidant intake.

2. It boosts your immune system    

Everybody falls ill from time to time—there’s no avoiding that. However, if you want to prevent getting sick to the best of your ability, you need to work on strengthening your immune system.

Our eating choices have a direct impact on how strong and effective our immune system is. Some types of food can give it a boost, helping it in the fight against harmful pathogens and viruses.

An essential vitamin for improving the functioning of our immune system is vitamin C. You’ll find plenty of it in green juice recipes, especially in the ones with citrus fruits mixed into the blend.

Another key vitamin in green juice recipes is vitamin B6, which is not only good for maintaining your energy levels throughout the day but also forwarding off illnesses. It’s also responsible for numerous vital biochemical reactions that strengthen your immune system.

3. It promotes eye health

vitamin A from green juice will help slow macular degeneration

Eye health can benefit a lot from a regular intake of vitamin A. Some of the most common sources of this essential vitamin are vegetables like carrots, spinach, parsley, and kale—all of which are frequent contenders in some of the most popular green juice recipes.

According to some studies, having a healthy supply of vitamins can help slow macular degeneration, which is a process that takes place as you age. Vitamin A also protects the surface of the eye, and it’s known to be great for vision.

4. It’s a good weight loss option

The primary objective of green juices is to help you lose weight. They’re low in calories, and make you feel fuller once you chug an entire glass—making them an ideal snack or breakfast option. If you’re looking to achieve weight loss goals, green juice is a must-try!

good for weight loss because it can kickstart your metabolism by increasing your stomach acid production

Green juice can also kickstart and stimulate your metabolism through an increase in stomach acid production, which also plays a vital role in aiding weight loss. To make the most out of its fitness benefits, switch your regular soft drinks or high-calorie snack meals to scheduled green juices throughout the day.

Embarking on a juice cleanse, which involves substituting your regular meals with juices for several days, could also be a great choice. However, before making such abrupt changes to your lifestyle, it’s always best to consult your doctor and seek the professional advice of a dietician, especially if you’re unsure about it.

Benefits and Reasons to Drink Green Juice Daily

5. It boosts your energy levels

Green juice works as an excellent energy booster. A cup of green juice in the morning can be as effective as morning coffee or tea, with one key difference: the nutrition levels can be ten times as much.

spinach and celery contains Vitamin B6 that help your body properly digest the energy you get from your food

The high energy levels in green juices come from their protein content, which keeps you going for longer. As an added benefit, when you replace meaty heavy meals with green juices, your metabolic system doesn’t need to work as hard to digest it, which also saves large amounts of energy.

Green veggies like celery and spinach are filled with vitamin B6, which is critical to help your body properly produce energy from the food you eat. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in maintaining the proper functioning of the metabolic system.

In leafy greens like spinach, there’s a lot of iron, which can increase blood flow in the body. This helps you feel more energized and ‘awake’ by allocating a healthy amount of oxygen to your organs and cells. It also provides them with high amounts of nutrition from the juices you drink.

6. It improves hair health

Vitamin deficiency is amongst the leading causes of hair loss, aside from natural reasons like aging or genes. If your hair loss is due to vitamin deficiencies, green juices are exactly what your hair needs to grow faster, thicker, and at a more frequent rate.

Green juice contains everything hair needs to stay strong

Aside from helping with hair growth, green juices can also have everything your hair needs to maintain its health. The protein alone will help you produce keratin for your hair, keeping it ‘full’ looking and glossy.

As discussed above, Vitamin A is also found in green juice, which is known to help hair cells regrow and repair whenever they need to.

Vitamin C, on the other hand, promotes collagen production—a key ingredient for strong, healthy hair. This is especially true if you’re above the age of thirty, as your levels of collagen can naturally begin to decline at that age.

7. It slows down skin aging

Vitamin A in green juice can repair and regrow skin

As you know by now, green juice is one of the best things you can have for boosting your vitamin A intake. Not only does it help with hair and eye health, but it’s also ideal to maintain the skin’s smoothness. According to several studies, vitamin A can regrow and repair skin cells, helping the skin look younger and brighter.

In various common prescription drugs for dermatological issues, vitamin A is an active ingredient to help with acne and other skin conditions – and that’s no coincidence.

If skincare is one of the main reasons you’re considering green juices, make sure to add plenty of parsley, kiwi, and spinach to the recipes you choose to make the most out of their anti-aging properties. To switch the flavor up a bit, you can add carrots or apples into the mix occasionally.

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8. It improves gut health

The gut plays an incredibly vital role in maintaining our overall health, and health scientists have just begun to fully understand its importance.

An upset gut can substantially decrease your levels of happiness, while also leading to mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. The gut is thought to have a significant effect on just about every aspect of your wellbeing, which is why it’s extremely important to keep it as healthy as possible.

To make sure your gut functions well, green juice is one of the best dietary choices you could make. As it is rich in prebiotics and digestive enzymes, it stimulates the growth and production of healthy gut bacteria. With the right juice recipes, you can ensure a healthy prebiotic supply for your gut, and bacteria that helps keep everything balanced in your intestinal tract.

Green juice is one of the best diet choices for your gut, thanks to its high content of digestive enzymes and prebiotics, which stimulate the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Add the right ingredients to your juice and you can even supply your gut with probiotics, good bacteria that can help to keep everything in balance in your intestinal tract.

9. It acts as a multivitamin

Green juice contains vegetables and fruits offering real source of multivitamins

Taking multivitamin supplements daily has become pretty common; however, most multivitamins, unfortunately, aren’t absorbed nearly as well as the ones we get from natural food sources.

But there’s an issue with food sources too, as there are too many different types of vitamins to obtain, and particular minerals occur in particular fruits and veggies, which would require us to eat a wide variety every day. With green juice, this issue gets resolved quite easily, as a bunch of different fruits and veggies can be blended into one smoothie, offering an organic source of multivitamins that the body absorbs efficiently. You get more benefit out of a single green juice glass than from any standard multivitamin tablet.

10. It alkalises your body

To run properly and keep illnesses at bay, our bodies need to maintain a very precise pH level. If your body becomes too alkaline, symptoms of dizziness, sickness, confusion, heart or lung problems can kick in. Most illnesses, bad bacteria, and diseases thrive in highly acidic environments. It’s vital to maintain your body’s pH level within a healthy range, especially keeping acidity levels low, to maintain good long-term wellbeing.

Green drinks happen to be less acidic, which means the body needs to produce lesser sodium bicarbonate, leaving lesser residual stomach acid.

Having a consistent intake of leafy greens can help maintain alkalinity in the body, and starting your day with fresh green juice is amongst the best ways to achieve that. In an ideal range of pH levels, the body functions with high efficiency. Your immune system also works well, aiding the production.

11. It’s relatively low in sugar

Some juices can be sugary, but green juices tend to have low sugar content. They mostly contain vegetables that don’t affect the juice’s overall sugar content, as fructose mainly comes from fruits. While fruits can be occasionally thrown into the mix with green juices, you should generally avoid drinking fruit-based smoothies or juices too frequently. The sugar content in fruit-based juices and smoothies has been found to be similarly high as that found in soda drinks.

Green juice are low in sugar

However, green juices can still be sweetened with just a bit of honey or a pinch of cinnamon.

The next time you’re in the mood for an unhealthy snack, curb that craving with a healthy green juice instead!


Now that you know how good green juices can be for your health, the only thing left to do is to try it out for yourself. As a positive lifestyle change, commit to drinking at least one glass of green juice every day, especially to substitute your soda intake.

If you don’t already have a blender or juicer at home, it’s worth investing in one. You should prioritize making these juices at home, as market-bought juices cost much more and have a higher sugar content and preservative quantity. Spend a couple of minutes preparing your drink in the morning, and you’ll be saving quite a bit of money daily.

Adding green juice into your diet is one of the best ways to look after your long-term health

If you do fancy buying green powder juices which can be made quickly made up if have a busy life then click here. They can be a quick alternative with lots of the same benefits.

Once you step into the world of green juices, you’ll soon find out which recipes and veggie-fruit combos you like the most. Drink these juices regularly and you’ll secure a healthy supply of all the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Not only will you be saving your drink/snack money, but you’ll probably also be able to wean yourself off your daily supplements or multivitamins, since you’re already getting them through natural and organic sources. Consult your doctor if needed, and prepare to incorporate green juices into your daily routine for a fitter lifestyle.

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