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July 9, 2017

The use of Tamarind can be traced to early civilizations, both as a medicinal herb and as a cooking spice.

Tamarind is a sweet and sour tasting Indian dish typically taken by people in rural India. It can be baked into tasty snacks. This fruit comes from the Tamarindus indica Tree. It is predominantly eaten during the summer dry season. The tamarind fruits and seeds can be found within each pod. They are sticky and have a tangy flavor. If you try cooking with them then similar to rice, they make a hearty meal and a little can go a long way.

This fruit is a good store of a number of helpful elements including potassium, phosphorus, vitamin C, magnesium, proteins and calcium. Tamarind seeds are renowned for their importance to health.

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Let’s look at the use and benefits of tamarind

1.  Relieve Your Knee Pain With Tamarind Seeds

A number of factors can lead to inflamed knee joints like work, sport or just old age.

Within the tamarind seeds, the anti-inflammatory properties can help cure aches associated with knee pain. This treatment method has been used by Asian cultures for centuries.

Tamarind seeds can be used orally or topically to ease your pain.

To take it orally the seeds can be crushed into a smooth powder that can be added to drinks and meals. With the consumption of such drinks and meals, the tamarind plays the medicinal role of providing one with relief in joints and other aching pains.

tamarind knee-pain

To use Tamarind Seeds Topically -

Start by gathering the pods of Tamarind and extract the pod case to reveal the seeds of the plant. Then keep the bare seeds in water for about two and half hours, and proceed to blend the seeds into a slimy paste form. Put a tablespoon of turmeric powder and some salt into the paste and heat the mixture to a nice simmering heat until the paste gets thicker.

To use the product simply let the mixture cool, then take some of the paste and rub it on the area you feel the pain. Give it some time, and it will magically heal. Eventually you should be able to walk more freely without any pain.

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2. Tamarind Improves the Liver, Digestive system, and controls Constipation

When Tamarind seeds are made into a flavored drink or juice, it can help smoothen the stomach lining and pathways and can ease indigestion. Therefore it’s a great remedy for digestive issues.

The juice also improves the synthesis of bile in the liver. Whilst the juice is used mostly as an appetizer, it is also fortified with nutritious materials that inhibit cholesterol. It really does help the body system and reduces inflammation and can relieve constipation.

tamarind juice

3. Tamarind for the heart

With its significant potassium content, Tamarind seeds are well equipped to combat cardiac problems like heart issues, irregular blood pressure, and hypertension. Its high potassium makeup is particularly useful against high blood pressure.

It’s also worth noting flavonoids that are within Tamarind can raise the good cholesterol (HDL) and lower the bad cholesterol (LDL). This leads to a lowering the accumulation of triglycerides which is a type of fat that’s in our blood.

4. Tamarind for skin health

Tamarind seeds are very beneficial for the skin and can act like an anti-aging formula. Tamarind seeds contain hyaluronic acid whose presence gives the extracts of the seed the ability to keep the skin fresh, moisturized, and reduce fine lines. Some users of the Tamarind take it to reduce the effects of aging on their skins as the extracts help dissolve wrinkles and maintain smooth skin.

The Tamarind seeds are even used in production of cosmetics as they are water soluble. They often are found in gels, masks and facial toners. These products can tone the skin and make it smooth and rash-free.

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5. Tamarind as a weapon against harmful microbes and bacteria

Certain bacteria can affect the skin, digestive and urinary systems. These can be rendered inactive by Tamarind. Some bacteria naturally have the ability to cause havoc within our bodies, but tamarind seeds due to their antibacterial benefits, can fight and destroy bacteria within the body.

6. Tamarind eye drops

Infections or inflammation caused by conjunctivitis of the eyes can be treated using the Tamarind seed juice by putting in drops into the eyes. With its sugar structure and adhesive characteristics, it serves this function really well.

7. Tamarind Treatment for Arthritis, Dysentery and Diarrhea

The leaves of the Tamarind tree and the pods contain substances that help treat diarrhea as well as dysentery.

The seed is also an indispensable treatment for individuals who are managing arthritis problems. The pain they feel in their bones and joints can be controlled with half teaspoon of the blended extract of the plant morning and evening.

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8. It contains antioxidants that control Cancer

Tamarind extracts have the ability to treat and help control cancer, particular that of the kidney, largely because it contains antioxidants. Studies have also lead research into how tamarind can be used to treat colon cancer. Tartaric acid within tamarind acts as an antioxidant that protects your body system from harmful free radicals, which overtime can increase your level of risk from cancer.

9. Tamarind helps to lower blood sugar levels

tamarind diabetes

We all know the consequence of high sugar levels—diabetes! But eating Tamarind regularly as part of your  diet will help blood sugar spikes. Equipped with the alpha-amylase properties, it brings the sugar levels to a more healthy level and keeps maintaining it.

10. Rapid healing abilities after injuries

Tamarind extracts are used to treat injuries and induce a more rapid healing. The bark and leaves are particularly useful in treating wounds and cuts. Various studies have been undertaken on this, but one study in particular using tamarind seed extract healed wounds in about 10 days.

11. Tamarind for Peptic Ulcers

Peptic Ulcers are sores or ulcers that form in the stomach and small intestines and can be extremely painful. This condition can be controlled using the extracts of the Tamarind seed which contain members of the organic polyphenol family. These provide a protective effect on the ulcers and also provide a preventative measure as well.

12. Tamarind for Cough, Cold, and Asthma treatments

cough tamarind

Infections that pertain to the tonsils, throat, and colds can be helped by Tamarind seeds when made into a juice mixed with cinnamon and ginger. You can gargle with this mixture which will provide a remedy and relief for mouth and throat problems.

It is also used as a booster for the immune system, and a medicine to treat asthma and other allergies.

13. Tamarind extracts is an active agent in the formula for certain body creams

Tamarind has many great benefits for the skin as discussed earlier. The seeds of the plant have the ability to protect skin from the effects of the UV rays of the sun. Tamarind has always been traditionally used to smoothen out scars and reduce acne. The alpha hydroxyl acid in the tamarind can exfoliate and eliminate dead cells that no longer have life in them, and treat pimples and clogged pores.

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14. Tamarind seeds are used to treat Teeth infections

After grinding roasted or fried seeds into powdery form, you can brush your teeth with it. This method has proven to heal gum and dental issues, and provide a preventative measure to stop cavities from forming.

The Tamarind seeds are also beneficial to smokers who have nicotine stains on their teeth. It’s also good for removing other stains such as soda, coffee and tea.

15. Tamarind leaves keep the Liver in Good shape

A number of activities cause various degrees of harm to the liver including heavy drinking. One study found out that damage to the liver caused by excessive alcohol could be treated using tamarind leaves.

Side Effects of Tamarind seeds on the health of pregnant women

Tamarind seeds are suitable for expectant mothers, as the nutritious fiber content of the tamarind seeds is useful to the foetus and the mother. One cannot associate the seed to any scientifically proven ill consequence or side effects particularly to pregnant women.

So if you are suffering from digestion issues and constipation issues during pregnancy it’s definitely recommended. However it’s definitely worth checking with your doctor before taking any dietary supplements, as they can react with other medications.

tamarind for pregnant women

Precautions when consuming Tamarind

For those on blood thinning or possibly aspirin medications, it is advised that such people avoid the consumption of the products of tamarind as it can affect this type of medication.

Also research has shown that taking drugs meant for controlling depression (antidepressants) alongside tamarind is not a great idea, as it could lead to serotonin toxicity.

Conclusions on Tamarind benefits

In order to reap plenty of benefits from this plant, you should simply prepare a paste or syrup and enjoy it with your meals. Or if you can enjoy the taste eat it from the pod naturally without any processing. Just add this amazing healthy soar fruit to your regular diet and you get all the myriad of health benefits we have just discussed.  YOU CAN FIND THE MOST POPULAR TAMARIND PRODUCTS HERE -

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