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July 9, 2017

Hemp Oils: Which Should You Buy?

Reaching heights of over twelve feet, hemp is a stunning annual plant but there are some common misconceptions we should clear up before we go any further. First and foremost, hemp and marijuana cannot be used interchangeably as terms; they come from the same species of plant but are very different in use and purpose.

As the name suggests, hemp oil is a liquid extracted from the hemp plant. With the Cannabis genus family, every single plant can produce this oil but hemp is the one chosen for industrial use.

Every year, hemp is cultivated specifically to be used for medicine, hair products, and meal supplements. Furthermore, it has no psychoactive THC properties thus can be consumed safely by the masses.

hemp plant

In terms of oil recovery, seeds are the most efficient method but oil can be obtained from the whole plant. Without refinement, cold pressed oil has been described as rich and nutty in flavor. However, the flavor disappears after refining and the oil also loses its color. In today’s world, we use hemp oil in a number of different ways.


Paints can have hemp oil as an ingredient as well as lubricants. However, it has found extended use within body care products such as soaps, creams, and oils. Why? Because it can be rubbed into the skin directly to reverse dry or cracked skin. Elsewhere, others use it as a supplement for their diet and this is because it has high levels of fatty acids (before refining); it can be used as a garnish or part of a dressing and it improves nutrition. Despite these many uses, it cannot be used for cooking because of the low smoking point.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil

hemp oil nutiva


The most popular hemp oil on the market by far is Nutiva Organic Hemp Oil, 24 Ounce.  It has nearly 3000 reviews and is totally organic.

Hemp Oil Nutrition

The oil found in seeds, up to 80% can be polyunsaturated fatty acids which are commonly known as ‘good’ or ‘healthy’ fats. On the other hand, around 10% is saturated fatty acid (bad fats) which makes it the most efficient source of unsaturated oil of all the plants in the world. As our diet has changed, fatty acids have become most important vitamin for our bodies but sadly our bodies cannot produce them at all.

If you’ve done any research on hemp oil previously, you would have seen plenty of nicknames for it with ‘the perfectly balanced oil’ as one of the favorites. Since it contains Omega 6 to Omega 3 at the desired 3:1 ratio, hemp oil has earned this name and is seen as the perfect way to reach the balance; this balance itself allows for long-term health. If you were to compare hemp oil with Flax or Chia, hemp wins for protein, omegas, and carbs (fewer) within a single serving.

Benefits of Hemp Oil for skin

Healthy Skin - With the fatty acids found in hemp oil, they can be beneficial for your skin because they actually nourish and moisturize. As we said earlier, many skin creams and other products contain hemp oil nowadays; this is also due to the lack of side-effects compared with other ingredients. If you use only hemp oil during a massage, your skin would look youthful and feel great. What’s more, many use it for anti-ageing and for the prevention of eczema, acne, psoriasis, and dry skin.

hemp seed oil for skin

Hemp oil for cancer

hemp seed cancer

Within its raw form or its use in products, hemp oil can help many health issues and this is mainly due to the amino acids it provides.  A distinct lack of essential amino acids can lead to serious health problems such as cancer and genetic mutations. Alongside traditional treatment, many cancer patients use hemp oil in order to replenish amino acid levels and the chance of a cure.

Hemp oil for acne

Acne - With many skin products and creams, they tend to clog the skin and block the pores but this isn't the case with hemp oil. Whenever you use a facial product of any type, you should be looking for a low comedogenic level and hemp seed has none at all; your pores will be free and acne will not worsen as a result of use.

However, we can go one step further because hemp oil can actually improve acne by increasing the size of pores. Once combined with its natural anti-inflammatory properties, blackheads can be a thing of the past. With the improvement in skin health we saw earlier, your skin will look vibrant both now and long into the future with continued use.


 Hemp Seed Face Cleanser with Certified Organic Essential Oil

hemp oil for acne

Vegan Hemp Seed Oil & Mango Seed Butter Face, Hand, & Body Lotion

hemp oil for acne

If you have quite oily skin, this is normally caused by an imbalance in the fatty acids. In order to correct this, you should be looking for oils with a good amount of linoleic acid. Without a correction, the imbalance will get worse before leading to an increase in the thickness in sebum; the secretion of oil in the skin. Over time, the pores will clog and this leads to acne and other skin problems.

With hemp seed oil, you have a natural solution containing 57% linoleic acid. Ultimately, this will prevent the build up and clogged pores by rebalancing the secretion of sebum in the skin. Eventually, the thickness decreases and becomes less sticky while finding the right balance. If you use the oil regularly and consistently, you’ll see a definite improvement and your skin will regain its youthful look.

Hemp oil for Hair

hemp oil for hair

Hair - Finally, just when you thought a natural oil couldn't do anymore, hemp oil can also be used in conditioners, shampoos, and hair oils. In addition to this, massaging the scalp with the oil will help to circulate blood around the brain and head. For the hair itself, you should notice a change in the thickness and dandruff will be prevented. If you typically lose hair regularly, this will also improve as scalp infections are kept to a minimum.

Similar to Argan oil, hemp seed oil has numerous nutrients that benefit hair health and this is why you will see it on the ingredients list of many products. By improving keratin formation, you will see and feel an overall improvement with your hair.

Drawbacks of Hemp Oil

With all these benefits in mind, are there any drawbacks you should know before proceeding? In truth, there is just one in that it should be avoided if you have dry skin. Although you shouldn't apply it directly, you can still use it with Tea tree oil, Jojoba, or something similar because these are more suitable. If you want to try hemp oil, try it mixed with various other oils and see how you react because we’re all unique.

Buying Hemp Seed Oil – Which Hemp seed Oil to Buy?

With a simple search online, you’re likely to come across many different brands so you need to pay attention to quality above all else. For example, Nutiva is available on Amazon and they are USDA-certified which instantly gives you confidence. When buying hemp oil, look at the reviews of previous customers and assess the ingredients to make sure they include everything we have discussed.

Moving away from Nutiva, you will also find Manitoba Harvest Just Hemp Seed Oil which is 100% cold pressed originating from Canada. With a slight nutty taste, you will notice the similarities to pine nuts or sunflower seeds. With a simple sprinkle on oatmeal, granola, salad, yogurt, or even other meals, you’ll quickly benefit from the various nutrients. With Manitoba Harvest, you can also buy capsules if you prefer to consume hemp oil in this way.

Capsules - With these soft gel ‘tablets’, they can be great in a busy lifestyle as you can consume it within seconds and then continue your day. In each capsule, you’ll have the balance between Omega 3 and 6 and they are normally grown free from pesticides and herbicides. With the best capsules, there will be no preservatives whilst being 100% natural and these will have the biggest benefit.

hemp seed oil capsule

Hemp Oil for Dogs 

hemp oil for dogs

As well as for us, hemp oil can be used for our dogs because of the aforementioned balance between Omega 6 and 3. Just like us, dogs can’t produce this naturally so need a little help and hemp oil can provide this. Why is it important? The two fatty acids actually work together in the dog’s body to remain healthy.

In addition to this, they will also free the joints and improve the coat and skin of all dogs. Before you get started though, we do have a couple of suggestions and warnings. As we know, hemp seed oil is mainly polyunsaturated fat which means it isn't stable and should never be used during cooking. When you add this oil during cooking, the oil will go rancid and this can be dangerous for your dog.

After this, you need to assess your dog’s current diet before starting because hemp seed oil may not be beneficial if already on a poultry diet. With chicken, this is already high in polyunsaturated fat so adding hemp oil will create an imbalance. If you’re feeding chicken to your dog, many experts say you should go for flaxseed oil instead. If you want to introduce hemp oil, we recommend changing their diet to beef as this will create a better balance along with their regular fish or fish oil.


hemp oil for dogs treats


hemp oil for dogs joints


hemp oil for dog supplement

The Best hemp Oil for Pain

Using Hemp Oil for Pain - All over the country and even the world, people are starting to use hemp oil for pain and this is for its anti-inflammatory qualities and lack of side-effects. With ample amounts of CBD, a compound that eases all pain coming from inflammation, hemp oil is now considered a natural solution to these health problems.

When you visit the doctor, they are likely to prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which do the job but they can also cause rashes, headaches, nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and diarrhea. Furthermore, they cannot be taken by the elderly, pregnant women, and those already suffering with certain health issues such as high blood pressure, heart conditions, or asthma.

Why many patients are finding hemp oil a better option for pain

In recent years, hemp oil has been exposed to the medical world and usage has increased dramatically as a result. Whether it’s to ease pain, improve hair health, or improve the balance of fatty acids in the body, more people are using it thanks to increased production and it’s safe to do so with no side-effects. For those with long-lasting conditions such as arthritis, one capsule in your meal per day allows you to regain health and this simplicity has attracted millions.

Luckily, hemp oil is now legal across most of the US making it available even in the states opposed to marijuana. As we saw at the very beginning, this is because there is no psychoactive THC compound!  

If you want more information on Help oil Benefits then watch this video............

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