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October 4, 2021

Eye color is something you might assume you're stuck with - but this isn't actually the case. It's possible to change your eye color, whether temporarily with contact lenses or permanently with iris implant surgery. But is there a simpler way to change your eye color?

You may have heard that castor oil, favoured for its skin and haircare benefits, can change eye color. Exactly how true is this statement?

Castor oil may be able to change your eye color. But we don't have enough evidence for or against this theory, as castor oil is, in its concentrated form, unsafe to put in your eyes. It's a bad idea to put oil anywhere near your eyes, especially purposefully, with the intention of changing their color.

Can Castor Oil Make Your Eye Color Lighter?

As mentioned above, while it is rumoured that castor oil can make your eyes lighter, we don't have enough information to say for sure whether this is the case.

You may be able to use castor oil to make your eyes lighter, but not significantly so.

Can Castor Oil Damage Your Eyes?

Castor oil is actually a lubricating ingredient in eye drops, so it isn't technically damaging to eyes - in the right dosage, anyway.

It's inadvisable to make a DIY eye drops solution for any purpose, whether to brighten your eyes or to fix a dry eye issue.

Blurry vision is a common side effect of castor oil. However, this usually isn't too worrying, as it just means that the oil has created a film over your eyes. It should clear within a few minutes.

Castor oil can also cause swelling and itchy eyes, and allergic reactions that can cause dizziness, problems breathing, and nausea. You should stop using castor oil immediately if you experience these symptoms.

How Can I Naturally Lighten My Eye Color?

It's difficult to find natural methods for lightening your eyes, as many methods that involve applying something to your eyes are dangerous.

However, it is possible to naturally alter your eye color with your diet. Research suggests that are certain foods that can alter eye color, including ginger, chamomile tea, spinach, nuts, onions, and olive oil.

Don't expect immediate results with this approach. Your diet also won't change your eye color drastically - for instance, chamomile simply brightens your eyes, while the iron content in spinach may darken them somewhat.

The best way to lighten your eye color may not be considered natural, but it's at least safe: using colored contacts. With colored contacts, you can have blue eyes one day, green the next, brown the next, and perhaps even purple the next - your options are endless.

Keep in mind, however, that colored contacts aren't usually designed to be worn all day, every day. They may cause irritation, especially the cheaper lenses. It's best to only wear colored contacts on special occasions, for a few hours a day at most.

Can Honey Change Your Eye Color?

You can use diluted honey as the drops to lighten your eyes, though the safety of doing this is largely unknown.

Advice online says that raw honey is best for lightening your eyes, because of its mild bleaching properties. You should mix raw honey with distilled water, then apply it to your eyes using an eye dropper.

Remember, putting honey in your eyes is a risky thing to do. It's best to use commercially designed eye drops containing the right dose of honey, rather than experimenting yourself.

In Summary

Our eyes are very sensitive, and it's important to be careful when putting anything into them. If you want to lighten your eyes or change your eye color, it may be best to use color-changing lenses instead of castor oil or honey.

If you're unsure, seek a professional opinion. An optician can talk to you about the safety of castor oil eye drops, and whether they're worth using for the results they give.

You may simply need to learn to love the colour of your eyes - after all, your eye color is one of the characteristics that makes you unique. Having darker or lighter eyes isn't as important as having healthy eyes and clear vision.

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