July 21, 2021

Used separately, tea tree oil and aloe vera are favoured for their skin and hair health benefits. They can also be used together and applied to your hair and face.

If you choose to mix tea tree oil with aloe vera gel, you will need to dilute it with oil or water first. A good combination is 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with 2-4 drops of 100% pure tea tree essential oil and half a teaspoon of coconut oil (unrefined is best).

Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel benefits

Effective acne treatment

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Research has found that adding tea tree to face washes and gels can be an effective remedy for treating mild to moderate acne. However, tea tree oil is too potent to use alone, and aloe vera makes a great diluting ingredient. Aloe can also reduce acne by boosting blood flow to skin and killing bacteria.

Strengthens hair & adds shine

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Both tea tree and aloe vera are well-known haircare ingredients. Aloe contains a number of active ingredients and minerals that can strengthen hair, and its soothing properties prevent dandruff and other itchy scalp conditions. Tea tree can prevent excess oil production, balance the scalp’s pH, and even stimulate the hair growth cycle.

Natural, chemical-free hand sanitizer

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If your local stores are all out of hand sanitizer, it’s easy to make your own from tea tree and aloe vera gel. Both ingredients have been found to kill a number of common viruses (tea tree can kill E. Coli and a type of flu virus, for example). The combined scent of tea tree and aloe is also ideal for using in a sanitizing product.

Boosts wound healing

Studies have found that tea tree oil can prevent infection in wounds and speed up the healing process. Aloe can also improve the amount of collagen in wounds and promote faster wound healing.

Affordable ingredients

Both tea tree oil and aloe gel are very affordable. If you have your own aloe plant, you won’t need to purchase aloe gel at all. Tea tree oil is also very potent, so a little bottle – usually costing less than £5 – goes a long way.

Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel for acne scars

acne scars

One of the most common uses of tea tree oil and aloe vera gel is as a natural acne scar treatment. Aloe gel is soothing on the skin, too, which should prevent further acne formation.

To use these ingredients to help acne scars fade, combine 4 teaspoons of aloe vera gel with1 tablespoon of tea tree oil.

Keep the solution in a jar in your fridge (glass is best). Apply to your face on a twice-daily basis after cleansing with a cotton pad or earbud.

Tea tree oil and aloe vera for dark spots

Tea tree oil and aloe vera gel have also proven effective as a dark spots treatment.

For preventing and fading dark spots, scoop out fresh aloe vera gel from your aloe plant (or dollop a little out of the bottle if you’ve bought aloe gel from a store). Add it to a glass of container and mix with a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

Apply this solution to your face, leave for 5 minutes, then rinse off with warm water.

How to dilute tea tree oil with water

tea tree oil diluted in water

Like the majority of essential oils, tea tree oil is too harsh to use on its own. It’s normally enough to dilute tea tree oil with aloe vera and/or a carrier oil, like coconut or almond oil. But if you just want to use tea tree oil on its own, or you have particularly sensitive skin, you can dilute it with water.

For every 2-4 drops of oil, you should use 1 cup of water. It’s recommended, however, that you only dilute tea tree oil with water as a last resort, as oil and water don’t tend to mix very well. You should also combine the ingredients thoroughly every time you plan to use the solution on your skin or hair.

Aloe vera and tea tree oil face mask

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Even if you don’t have a particular problem you want to solve, applying aloe vera and tea tree oil to your face can keep your skin looking and feeling at its best.

To make an aloe vera and tea tree oil face mask, combine up to 3 drops of tea tree oil and half a cup of aloe vera gel. Apply this formula to your face, then leave for half an hour. If the mask stings or burns, wash it off immediately, as your skin is likely reacting badly to one of the ingredients.

After 30 minutes, wash the mask off your face and pat dry with a towel. You can use this face mask once a week for the best benefits.

Aloe vera and tea tree oil shampoo

There are plenty of shampoo products that combine aloe vera and tea tree oil, but these can often contain additional chemical ingredients that aren’t good for your scalp. Making your own aloe vera and tea tree shampoo can provide the healthiest, safest formula.

There are plenty of natural, organic, unscented shampoos to choose from nowadays. The fewer ingredients, the better. Simply purchase one of these shampoos and add 5 drops of tea tree oil and two tablespoons of aloe gel. Mix well inside the bottle before using. Store in the fridge between uses.

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