7 Amazing Uses & Benefits of TEA TREE OIL


We know tea tree oil for its distinct, sharp scent, and we’ve probably all used the stuff in shampoos or conditioners at some point in our lives. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that’s most celebrated for its benefits to the hair, skin and nails, and we’ve been using it for longer than you might have imagined. 

It’s thought that tea tree oil was first extracted for use in Australia, from a native plant called the melaleuca. Once its wondrous medicinal properties were discovered, that was that: we were to use tea tree for health purposes from that point onwards. 

For years now, tea tree has been used as topical medication in low concentrations to treat a range of skin conditions. While it was once considered a folk medicine, with no real proof of its benefits, scientific research has led us to discover its multiple remedial properties. 

You can purchase tea tree in its pure form online, and if you haven’t tried it before, it’s definitely worth experimenting with. Stay tuned to discover the full uses and benefits of tea tree oil, and to learn why it’s such an effective natural medication for a whole host of common problems. 

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Tea Tree’s 7 Uses

1.Natural deodorant 

Most non-natural deodorants are wrong for so many reasons: they’re bad for the environment, irritable to the skin, and in some cases, they can even be toxic. Tea tree oil is a fantastic alternative, and works just as effectively. It contains anti-bacterial properties that control body odour that’s released when sweat glands combine with the skin’s bacteria.

Because tea tree oil is a naturally occurring substance, it shouldn’t harm or irritate your skin in the slightest, allowing you to apply it as regularly as needed.  

2. Hand sanitizer

If you’re someone who likes to stay hygienic on the go, you might be interested to know that tea tree oil makes an excellent hand sanitizer. It’s not quite known how it works, but studies have found that tea tree oil can kill a number of common viruses and bacteria, including those responsible for E-coli and pneumonia.

Pop a homemade tea tree sanitizer in your bag and you’ll have a great natural alternative to the harsher, chemical-heavy formulas you can buy from a store.  

3. Insect repellent

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself covered in insect bites after a day or night out in the countryside. What’s worse is that mosquitos, insects which are common all over the world, can carry nasty diseases and spread them from person to person.

Luckily, if you’ve forgotten your insect repellent on a trip away, tea tree oil has demonstrated in studies that it can repel mosquitos more efficiently than DEET, an ingredient commonly used in most shop-bought repellents. 

4. Antiseptic for cuts and scratches

When you cut yourself, you create an easy access point for germs and harmful bacteria to enter your skin, which can quickly lead to infection. It’s been proven that treating a cut or scrape with tea tree oil may help to fight off this bacteria, disinfecting the area and preventing further harm from being caused. 

5. Natural mouthwash

The problem with many commercial mouthwashes is that they often contain alcohol or high-strength chemicals, which aren’t always the best for your health. As a natural alternative, tea tree is chemical-free, and there’s plenty to say that it’s effective in fighting the germs that cause bad breath and tooth decay.

In fact, one study even found tea tree oil to be more effective than a commonly used disinfectant in lots of mouthwashes. 

6. Hair and scalp treatment

The reason why you see tea tree oil in so many shop-bought shampoos and conditioners is because it’s a known super ingredient for maintaining a healthy scalp. It’s been found to reduce dandruff – we’ll talk more about that later – by removing dead skin and dirt from hair.

It can also prevent itching and greasiness, helping to improve shine and encourage hair growth. There are plenty of hair products that contain tea tree oil, but you would benefit more by creating your own formula using organic, concentrated oil. 

7. Chemical-free cleaner

Tea tree isn’t just good for our health – its benefits extend to household cleaning. Tea tree oil has been used for years as an all-purpose cleaner, and for good reason: it’s been shown to be really effective in sanitizing surfaces without leaving dangerous chemical traces.

As with removing mould from fruit, you can also use tea tree oil to strip mould from your walls and ceilings. Simply mix with water, apply to the area, leave for a few minutes and then wipe off. 

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7 Amazing Uses & Benefits of TEA TREE OIL

Tea Tree’s 7 Benefits

1. Improves wound healing

Tea tree is impressively anti-inflammatory, which means it has multiple benefits in relation to the skin. People with wounds can boost healing by applying tea tree oil to the affected area, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and trigger white blood cell activity.

It can also prevent skin surface inflammation, and treat common disorders such as dermatitis. It may even provide relief from reactions to bug bites, such as itching, redness and swelling. 

2. Fights fungal nail problems

We’ve probably all experienced a fungal nail problem in the past, and there’s no denying that they’re unpleasant to deal with. Fungal nail issues can take a while to clear up, but with a bit of help from tea tree oil, you should be able to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.

A controlled study found that 60 percent of people with fungal nail problems had seen their nails return partially or completely to normal after applying tea tree oil to the area. 

3. Improves dry, itchy skin

Tea tree’s anti-inflammatory properties are incredibly useful for improving dry and itchy skin. Not only can tea tree relieve discomfort from dry skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis, it can also help heal infections that might cause skin to itch in the first place. 

People who experience itchy eyelids might be interested to know that a study found tea tree to be effective in reducing eyelid itching. Sixteen of the twenty-four participants experienced a complete elimination of itching after applying a tea tree oil ointment onto the area. 

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4. Controls dandruff

Dandruff is hardly a dangerous disorder, but if you suffer from it frequently, you might find it embarrassing. There are anti-dandruff products that exist, but these can sometimes be priced quite highly, and they don’t always work for everyone.

We’re still looking into the full benefits of tea tree for dandruff, but one study found that 40 percent of people using tea tree shampoo experienced a decrease in dandruff, as well as a reduction in scalp itchiness and greasiness. 

5. Treats acne 

Treating acne with non-natural medications can often cause more fuss than leaving skin as it is. Tea tree, on the other hand, contains no harsh chemicals, so it’s only ever going to make skin better, not worse. It’s a popular treatment for acne, favoured for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Because tea tree oil can calm redness, irritability and swelling, it is thought to be able to prevent acne from forming, as well as clear up acne scars and give skin a smoother look and feel. 

6. Reduces mould on fruit and veg

We know about tea tree’s anti-fungal properties already, and unsurprisingly, it turns out they can benefit to more than just the skin. Fruit and veg is delicious, not to mention an essential source of our daily vitamins – but it doesn’t take long at all for their skin to turn mouldy.

Tea tree’s anti-fungal compounds can help to reduce the fungal growth that leads to mould on fruits and vegetables. Just add a couple of drops to your water when you wash your produce for long-lasting benefits. 

7. Treats athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is unpleasant and difficult to control. Treatments are often expensive, and don’t prevent the condition from returning again and again in the future. Because tea tree is anti-fungal, there’s good reason to believe that it’s effective in treating athlete’s foot.

Studies have found it to improve the condition of patients with athlete’s foot, by reducing peeling, cracking, blisters, redness, itchiness and burning. However, it’s unclear whether tea tree is effective in actually reducing the fungus altogether. 


Who would have thought that tea tree, such a readily available, relatively low-cost oil, could be so useful and beneficial to our health? If you’ve scanned a tea tree product during a health store browse and thought nothing of it, it may be time that you give it a go yourself.

It’s clear that there’s plenty to gain from using tea tree oil, whether your aim is to improve a certain condition, or just maintain good general health. 

If you want to enjoy tea tree to the full, you should buy it as a concentrated oil. Be aware, though, that if you’re applying it to your skin, you should dilute it with another oil, like olive oil or coconut oil. Make sure to buy from a trusted brand, and you’re never going to go wrong with 100 percent natural and organic.

To benefit the most from tea tree’s antiseptic qualities, go for a product that contains a 10 to 40 percent concentration of terpinen. 

If you’re a fan of skincare and you’re not already using tea tree as a treatment, it’s time to start including it in your daily routine. It’s a largely unknown and underrated remedy that’s yet to receive the appreciation it deserves. 


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