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October 21, 2021

Many of us encounter situations when their teeth hurt when they drink cold or hot drinks or food. When that happens, you most likely have Sensitive Teeth. However, did you know that there can be a link between Sensitive Teeth and ear pain? It seems that dental infections can actually lead to a variety of ear pain issues, as you will notice below.

How is dental pain connected to ear pain?

The answer is simple, if one or more of your teeth are infected, then this can lead to discomfort similar to ear pain. One thing to note here is that the ear’s structure is not infected. Instead, it’s the tooth causing all the pain, it’s not something that happens in your ears to begin with. Usually the problem appears when you have an upper molar that’s infected. These are known to be very close to the ears. When the pulp filled with nerves is infected, this leads to discomfort and all kinds of pain, and it resembles ear pain.

Are there any signs you should know about?

One of the main signs would be any dental infection, as we mentioned above. Another sign you need to think about is any toothache aside from the ear pain. When that happens, it’s very likely that your tooth is infected and you have to do something as fast as possible.

It’s also a good idea to check and see if you have gum tissue inflammation. Either that, or the gum tissue is discolored and swollen. Even the tooth itself might seem like it changed colors too. There are other signs too, like chewing pressure, cold and heat sensitivity, among many others. If you encounter any of these problems, then it’s extremely likely that your ear pain is actually caused by dental problems.

What can you do to protect your Sensitive Teeth (and avoid any ear pain)?

Can root canal therapy help?

It’s important to note that something like root canal therapy can be a great solution for this type of issue. What it does is it opens up the tooth via a home, the decayed and infected material gets removed, and then the tooth is restored. What this means is that you will have little to no ear pain caused by sensitive teeth in the future. You can remove the dental pulp that was affected, while also removing the unwanted discomfort and pain.

As you can see, ear pain can appear due to Sensitive Teeth. It’s important to protect your Sensitive Teeth as much as possible, and in case you are dealing with a major infection, ask for a proper root canal therapy. This is extremely helpful, and it can make a huge difference, not to mention it can fully remove any signs of ear pain brought by dental infections!

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