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October 13, 2021

Essential oils are increasing in popularity, and tea tree oil is a favourite among many for a variety of natural uses.

If you're a fan of essential oil aromatherapy, you'll be happy to know that traveling with tea tree oil is allowed.

You can still use tea tree oil every day while you're on your travels. Stay tuned to learn more about how to safely travel with tea tree oil, and what other oils you can take with you on the plane - and which are particularly suited to travel.

How Do You Take Tea Tree Oil On A Plane?

As with many beauty items, you can take tea tree oil on the plane, but there are certain rules that you must stick to for the purpose of safety.

The TSA rules for traveling with liquids also apply to essential oils. We can no longer board planes with large bottles of liquid toiletries, and today's airline regulations in the US limit how many liquids you can bring on board.

A single passenger is allowed to bring a clear zippered bag in their carry-on luggage. This bag shouldn't be bigger than a one-quart bag, and the containers in this bag should all be 100 millimetres maximum.

You won't usually be able to use makeup bags with zips or even regular Ziploc bags to transport your tea tree oil containers. Luckily, most airports offer a selection of zippered bags before security. You can also buy airline-compliant zippered bags online.

Most essential tea tree oils will come in containers of 5 or 15 milliliters, which means they're below the individual bottle requirement already - you won't have to pour some of your oil into a smaller bottle to travel.

If you do want to transfer your tea tree oil into a different or smaller bottle, such as if you have larger bottles of custom blends, you'll need to make sure to accurately label this bottle. This will reduce the potential for questioning from security.

Don't worry about switching containers - the x-ray scanner can't damage or spoil your tea tree oil.

Can I Take My Essential Oils On An Airplane?

Whether you're traveling for business or for leisure, you might want to take a selection of essential oils with you. But can you take these oils? And how should you pack them? Which oils should you take with you to make traveling more enjoyable? All the tips you need are mentioned below.

Rest assured that when it comes to carrying essential oils in checked baggage, there's no limit to how much you can take with you. Just be sure to double-check that the oils are packed carefully in waterproof bags, and that they're wrapped in a cushion-like material for protection.

If you're trying to decide on just a few oils to take with you alongside tea tree oil, consider the below options, which are especially beneficial for travel:

If you’re only taking a carry-on bag with you, you're limited somewhat, as you'll only be able to bring as many essential oils as you can fit in a quart-sized bag (along with other liquid products that you may need to take). Remember, you're only allowed to fly with one quart-sized bag per passenger.

Essential oils are very potent, and some people find them irritating. For this reason, avoid opening your oils on the plane. If you'd like to use some during travel, consider preparing a wipe or diluted spray in advance.

If you're questioned by security about your essential oils, simply say that you use them for health purposes. It's unlikely that you'll be questioned unless you have a considerable stash of oils, which you probably won't - there's only so many you can use on your travels!

In Summary

While you can take essential oils with you on a flight, you should take care to package them correctly, and don't exceed the 50ml limit for liquid carry-ons if you're taking the oils in your hand luggage. Speak to the seller of your oils if you'd like more information and guidance on flying with essential oils.

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