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March 28, 2018

Face serum is a bit different than your average face cream or lotion. It has a light yellow or colourless fluidic consistency. A serum is better than an lotion, as it can penetrate deep into the pores of the skin, and provide moisturizing and healing properties.

Many people prefer organic serums and these will not have any harmful chemicals.  Serums that contain Vitamin E and/or E have become very popular due to their health benefits.

A face serum  with hyaluronic acid  can help boost your skin's hydration levels, but it can also improve your moisture retention levels.  

Hyaluronic acid has been used to reduce fine lines, plump the skin and re-hydrate the complexion.

Many people choose to make their own organic face serums at home, but if you don’t have time, they can also be purchased online, and in local shops.

Not all skin serums are equal. When searching for the best organic face serum, here are a few tips for finding the best organic face serum for your type of skin.


In order for face serums to go beyond what your average skin cream does, they need to contain beneficial ingredients. These may be vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxy acids.

Vitamin C and vitamin E are vitamins that your body needs inside and out. They also work as antioxidants to eliminate the free radicals (foreign substances) in your body that can lead to cancer cell growth.

Hyaluronic acid and alpha hydroxy acids are two compounds that are naturally derived, and have healing and antiseptic properties.

Plant-Based Formulas

Many people are concerned about putting animal-based substances onto their skin that can cause clogged sweat glands, hair follicles, and pores. This defeats the purpose of having a clear, smooth complexion.

Search for plant-based formulas when searching for the best organic face serum.

Cruelty-Free Certification

One of the standards in beauty care for cruelty-free products is the “Leaping Bunny”. This logo or icon will be found on bottles of the best organic face serum, and is becoming an international standard. This certification means that the products were never tested on animals.

Of course the products are tested on humans. One thing you should know is that beauty care companies already 100% know what is safe to put on the skin.

Do you really want to put a newly-invented chemical on your skin with a long and mysterious name that has to be tested on several lab animals for safety? Nope, not when there are already thousands of safe and natural plant-based ingredients that will benefit the skin.

Best Organic Face Serum Claims

Read the serum description to see exactly what it does. There are so many different types. One type of serum may soften fine lines and wrinkles, while another may help to soothe the redness and itchiness of eczema or dermatitis.

Some skin serums can reverse sun damage or sunburn scarring, while there are ones that can lighten blemishes and correct dark circled eyes.

First decide what is the purpose of buying the best organic face serum, then make your decision based on that. You can also expect most serums to help soften age lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Be sure to read the directions on your bottle of beauty serum and use it at least twice a day to obtain all of its beneficial properties. Soon you won’t feel the need to cover your radiant skin with all that makeup!

Below is a list of the best organic anti aging vitamin E & C Face serums -

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