September 5, 2020

There are so many reasons to want to boost your body’s testosterone levels. Testosterone is needed for all manner of purposes, but not all men are born with the same amount of testosterone in their bodies. While it’s not important for your testosterone levels to be super high, you might experience more than a few physical and mental problems as a direct result of a testosterone shortage.

Many people will immediately resort to taking testosterone supplements to increase their natural testosterone levels, but this isn’t usually the cheapest or safest solution. The problem with testosterone supplements is that their ingredients don’t tend to be natural, and they have been known to lead to health dangers like heart and psychological issues. They can also easily be abused, which may lead to a surplus of testosterone in the body – which can be fatal.

You might not realise that boosting your testosterone levels can bring about a range of health benefits, and the natural way of doing so is always advised. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider naturally boosting your testosterone:

Why You Might Want to Boost Your Testosterone

1. To assist in muscle bulking

Testosterone assists in muscle bulking

Many people use testosterone purely for the purpose of building up muscle mass, which creates a desirable body form for men who enjoy bodybuilding and working out at the gym. By increasing levels of the growth hormone, testosterone makes it easier for muscle mass to build through regular exercise.

2. For increased energy levels

Because testosterone increases muscle mass, you may notice a natural increase in your energy levels as a result. You should experience the biggest difference in energy if you previously had abnormally low testosterone in your body.

3. For better production of sperm

Testosterone for better production of sperm if you are looking to try for a baby in the future

It’s not uncommon for men with low levels of sperm to be told to increase their testosterone to improve their situation. Testosterone stimulates the production of sperm, which may be useful to you if you’re looking to try for a baby in the future.

4. To improve libido

As testosterone levels decline, it’s common to experience a loss in sexual desire and enjoyment in bed. Testosterone boosts libido, fuelling better sex drive and performance. Interestingly, testosterone has also been found to increase libido in women going through the menopause.

5. For the development of the bones

Testosterone for the development of the bones

Low testosterone levels have been linked to increased bone fractures and breaks, so it’s important to maintain a healthy testosterone levels to prevent unnecessary stress or injury. Testosterone increases bone density and encourages the bone marrow to manufacture red blood cells, which carry important proteins around the body.

Natural Foods To Boost Testosterone

So how can you increase your testosterone?

Well there’s no need to go down the non-natural route for boosting testosterone. In fact, many studies suggest that it’s the foods we put into our bodies every day that have the biggest effects on the goings-on inside us. If you want to boost testosterone naturally through your diet alone, make sure to regularly eat the following:

1. Spinach

Spinach packs an incredible amount of magnesium, which helps to improve and regulate blood flow around the body, and has been shown to boost testosterone levels. It’s also said to be a natural sperm count booster.

Spinach has been shown to boost testosterone levels

Spinach is a versatile food that can be paired with almost any savoury food, hot or cold, to add some extra crunch and flavour. Try using spinach as an alternative to your side portions such as chips or crisps for a healthier alternative.

If you find spinach too bulky to eat fresh, a tip is to wilt it in a little bit of water, making it easier to eat more in one go.

2. Ginger

Ginger is one of the simplest ways to boost testosterone

It’s thought that supplementing with ginger every day might be one of the simplest ways to boost testosterone. According to a recent study, participants with fertility issues who took a daily ginger supplement for three months increased their testosterone levels by over seventeen percent compared to those who didn’t take the ginger.

It can be difficult to know what to do with ginger, but it’s actually fairly simple to incorporate it into some of your favourite meals. It can be added to curry and noodle dishes to give a tangy flavour, or used to make a simple hot ginger tea. 

If you’d rather use powdered ginger, try adding to your morning porridge or muesli for a subtle fiery kick.

3. Mackerel

Mackerel is a food that’s particularly high in omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to have a positive impact on testosterone levels. A number of studies suggest that a diet containing a good amount of mackerel and other omega-3 sources can increase testosterone levels in the body.

Mackerel has a positive impact on testosterone levels

Mackerel isn’t a fish that everyone might have much experience with, but getting to grips with cooking it isn’t much of a challenge. Try roasting it in the oven with garlic or paprika, or grilling it with lemon and lime. If mackerel isn’t really your thing, try substituting it for fish oil supplements instead.

4. Oysters

Oysters are a great source of zinc, a mineral that’s vital for healthy testosterone production and a high sperm count. They’re even effective enough to improve female libido by naturally increasing a woman’s testosterone levels.

If you’re admittedly not a seasoned chef, you might be wondering how on earth you can cook oysters in any sort of presentable manner. Don’t panic, though – they can be eaten raw, so you may only need to worry about the dressing and accompaniments you're adding to the dish. Alternatively, you can grill or boil oysters for a slightly different taste.

Oysters are a great source of zinc

5. Egg yolks

If eggs aren’t already a big part of your diet, it’s about time they were – especially the egg yolk. It’s actually the yolk of an egg that contains all of its nutrients, including vitamin D3, which is known for its ability to improve testosterone when eaten.

Egg yolks has vitamin D that improve testosterone

There are so many different ways to include eggs into your diet, so finding what works for you shouldn’t be too difficult. If you're a fan of eggs for breakfast, go for a veg-packed omelette or baked egg muffin cups. Alternatively, poach them and add them to avocado toast if you’re feeling a little more inventive.

6. Low fat milk

Low fat milk is a great source of calcium

Low fat milk is a great source of calcium, but some studies suggest that it may go beyond that in improving low testosterone levels in men. It’s all about which milk you go for, though – choose one that’s fortified with vitamin D, which is great for testosterone.

The easiest way to include milk in your diet is to drink a glass of it in replacement for water in the morning. If milk on its own isn’t really your thing, try adding it to your porridge or cereal for an easier alternative. Or you could make a smoothie and add milk to a delicious mix of your favourite fruits and seeds.

7. Beef

While beef is hit-and-miss when it comes to its health potential, some cuts of beef have a wealth of nutrients that can boost testosterone. Beef liver is an exceptional source of vitamin D. Ground beef, on the other hand, contains a good helping of zinc, which has been cited for its testosterone-boosting benefits.

Beef have a wealth of nutrients that can boost testosterone

When you’re thinking about cooking beef, try to go for the best quality available. Organic, lean, grass-fed is always best, and should give you the highest natural boost of testosterone. Beef can be grilled, fried, baked or barbecued, and there’s no limit to the variety of savoury meals you can add it to.

8. Beans

You may be surprised to learn of the number of hormone-related benefits that beans can offer to your health. Kidney beans, white beans, and black beans are fantastic sources of vitamin D and zinc. If you’re a baked beans lover, you’ll also find these nutrients in those.

Beans has a number of hormone-related benefits

Beans are another versatile diet staple that you can easily add more of into your diet. If you’re struggling for ideas, try switching up your usual protein for beans in your Mexican, curry and salad recipes. 

Beans take seconds to prepare, and are fairly cheap to buy in bulk. You can be as creative as you want – although there’s nothing wrong with a good plate of beans on toast!

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9. Broccoli

Broccoli has shown potential in reducing bad estrogen

The term ‘eat your greens’ has never been more appropriate: one study has found that broccoli contains a compound called indole-3-carbinol, which has shown potential in reducing levels of 'bad' oestrogen in men, leading to healthier levels of testosterone in the body.

Not everyone is a fan of broccoli, but often, it’s all about how you cook it. Experiment with boiling, steaming and roasting your broccoli to see which one you enjoy the most. 

There’s no reason to eat broccoli plain and on its own – you can add as many herbs, spices and sauces to it as you see fit.

10. Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are a great source of protein, calcium, and magnesium, and are also said to boost testosterone levels thanks to their impressive selenium content. A number of studies have linked higher selenium intake with increased testosterone – although more research is still needed to understand why.

Brazil Nuts are said to boost testosterone levels with its selenium content

Brazil nuts are sold in most stores in snacking bags, making it easy for you to eat them on the go as a healthy between-meal keep-me-up. You can also add them to a number of healthy desserts, or process them to make a simple pesto for rice and pasta dishes.

11. Olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil is already known for its wealth of health benefits, but did you know that it might also improve male reproductive health? One recent study suggests that regularly consuming olive oil may boost serum testosterone levels in men.

Olive oil can improve male reproductive health

The easiest way to incorporate olive oil into your diet is to switch it in place of your regular cooking oils. Olive oil is great for roasting and frying. You can also purchase it flavoured with spices like pepper and garlic, which is an easy way to add instant flavour to any dish.

So what foods should you not eat

Just as there are a number of foods you should eat to improve your testosterone levels, there are certain foods that you might want to avoid if you don’t want to make matters worse. Some food sources, including soy, alcohol, bread, and specific fats, may lead to a reduction in testosterone in the body.

While dairy is generally considered good for boosting testosterone, keep in mind that some cow's milk contains synthetic or natural hormones, which may have a long-lasting impact on your Testosterone.

So to conclude…


You’ve learnt by now that your testosterone levels are entirely in your control, and it’s simply a case of knowing what to put into your body to boost them if you need to. You should find that following a healthy diet that includes plenty of testosterone-boosting foods, combined with regular exercise and getting a good night’s sleep, is a sure-fire way to reach higher testosterone levels naturally.

If a testosterone-boosting diet isn’t working for you, it’s best to book an appointment with your doctor. However if you wish to try natural testosterone supplements then Click Here for the best ones. You might have an underlying cause for your low testosterone levels, and your doctor can work you through a plan to safely resolve your problems.

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