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November 28, 2017


As a product that has been around, in one form or another, for 150 years, petroleum jelly is incredibly versatile. In everyday life, it gets used for dry hands, cuts, dry lips, or even to highlight the cheekbones.    

However, there are actually dozens of uses and hacks for petroleum jelly which is why we’ve produced an all-inclusive guide here today!

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What is Petroleum Jelly?

Although unlikely, you may not know what petroleum jelly is so we’ll start here. Derived from petroleum, its jelly form is a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons. Often called by its trademark name of Vaseline, the product comes from the same petroleum we’re used to with deodorants, diesel products, and fuel. However, the two end products are very different!

Without further ado, let’s head into the many beauty uses and hacks of petroleum jelly!

1: Hair Dye Aid - If you have problems with hair dye running down your forehead, dabbing Vaseline right across the hairline will prevent this from becoming an issue. Not only does this prevent the inconvenience, it also protects your skin and eyes from the dangerous chemicals.

hair dye

2: Water Marks - If you have a lot of wood furniture, you know the pain of water marks. After applying some petroleum jelly, allow it to rest over night before wiping the jelly (and the watermark!) away.

water mark

3: Pre-Perfume - On all the important areas, such as the neck and wrists, apply a tiny amount of Vaseline before perfume and you should find that the scent lasts all day.

perfume vaseline

4: Chewing Gum Removal - Whether in a pub, restaurant, school, or even at home, removing chewing gum can be an issue. Luckily, rubbing petroleum jelly into the chewing gum will disintegrate it and remove the problem.

vaseline chewing gum


5: Lipstick Teeth - Ever worried about getting lipstick onto your teeth? If you dab Vaseline onto your teeth before applying the lipstick, you won’t ever have to worry again.


6: Bringing Leather to Life - Rather than paying for expensive leather moisturizer, petroleum jelly will bring your leather jacket back to life in no time after rubbing it in and then wiping away the excess.

leather vaseline

7: Nappy Rash Preventative - While most parents will know this one, a thin application of Vaseline onto your baby’s bottom should prevent that pesky nappy rash problem.

diaper rash

8: Grease Sports Equipment - From baseball gloves to cricket gear, sometimes they need softening and this can be done with a good amount of petroleum jelly. If you do this in advance, you’ll be ready for the new season while everybody else is working with stiff equipment.

9: Loosen a Bottle Lid - When lids sometimes get stuck, whether it’s glue or nail polish, it can get a little frustrating and we normally end up replacing them when all it needs is some Vaseline around the rim.

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10: Remove Rings - To prevent the panicked feeling you get when a ring sticks to the finger, petroleum jelly can be used to slide it off.

ring on finger

11: Healing Cuts - As mentioned in the introduction, this is one of the main uses of petroleum jelly because it helps cuts to heal. Since it’s not a disinfectant, it won’t cause pain but will prevent dirt and debris from getting into the wound.

vaseline fo cuts

12: Softer Lips - Once again, this is a common use but you may not know that Vaseline moisturizes which is perfect for dry lips. With no side effects, you can keep applying whenever you feel them drying up.

softer lips

13: Healing Windburn - While hikes can be invigorating in the countryside, windburn can be a serious issue and this is especially true for the autumn and winter months. In what shouldn't be a surprise by now, petroleum jelly is a great solution so apply however much you need; this will speed up the healing while relieving pain.

14: Fix Cracked Heels - Much like the dry lips, dry heels can cause issues because they can start to crack and this is a problem in the summer. Before you go to bed, cover the heel in Vaseline and place a pair of fuzzy socks over the top. After a few treatments, your heel will look and feel smoother than ever.

15: Tame the Eyebrows - With Vaseline over the arches of your brows, they’ll stay in place all day.

vaseline for eyebrows

16: Protection for Chrome - Before you continue scrolling thinking you haven't got chrome, what about your bikes or the pram? Before storing them away for long periods of time, apply some petroleum jelly and they’ll come out rust-free and ready to go when needed again. In truth, we’ve also found this to work with garage-stored machinery.

chrome petroleum jelly

17: Makeup Remover - Have you ever had your eyes irritated by makeup remover? If so, you aren't alone and this is why more people are starting to choose petroleum jelly. As a mild and safe product, you keep your eyes protected while removing your makeup just as well.

18: Protect Tattoos - Before taking a shower after a new tattoo, apply some Vaseline and this will prevent blotchy ink. As you get out, wipe it away and the ink won’t be drawn from the skin.

vaseline tatoo's

19: Split End Disguise - With a little petroleum jelly on your split ends, your hair will come together so this is a great makeshift solution if you don’t have time to treat it properly.

split ends

20: Exfoliation - Cheap and effective, Vaseline can be mixed with sea salt and sugar for a superb exfoliator.

21: Extend Your Lashes - With a thin coat on your lashes before you call it an evening, lots of people say they’ll gain in both volume and length.

22: Shampoo (No More Tears) - Instead of spending over the odds for specialised no more tears shampoo for your children, you probably have the cheaper solution in your cabinet with petroleum jelly. With a coating of Vaseline on their eyebrows, the shampoo won’t ever drip down into their eyes.

23: Keep Food Bowls Pest-Free - Believe it or not, a thin layer of petroleum jelly will look like a mountain for ants so it can be a useful addition around your pet’s bowl. This way, they can enjoy their food as intended rather than with ants making a nuisance of themselves.

dog eating

24: Eyelid and Cheek Highlighter - With a little Vaseline, you can achieve the dewy look without having to spend out on expensive highlighters (or when you happen to run low unexpectedly). On the apples of the cheeks or the brow bones and lids, you’ll be surprised at how good it looks.

cheek highlighter

25: Keep Doorknobs Clean - When painting, do you ever get frustrated when paint drips to places that need to remain clean? Well, you no longer have to fiddle with the screws and take all the fixtures away because petroleum jelly on the metal will prevent all paint from sticking. As you wipe the Vaseline away afterwards, the paint will come off with it.

vaseline door knob

26: Prevent Erosion of Battery Terminal - When the weather takes a turn for the worse, your car battery is vulnerable because the engine oil will thicken as electrical resistance increases. Suddenly, the battery needs to work harder just to run efficiently and this is only made worse by corrosion on the terminal itself.

Towards the beginning of winter, we recommend cleaning the terminal after disconnecting (a wire brush will do the trick perfectly!). Once reconnected, apply some petroleum jelly and this’ll prevent corrosion and therefore the battery from giving up in harsh temperatures.

battery corrision

27: Leg Bronzer - After combining Vaseline with a favorite bronzer, apply this to your legs and they’ll soon glow.

28: Help Back Pain - While back pain can be extremely frustrating, having warm petroleum jelly massaged into this area will help dramatically. 

29: Help Blisters - Rather than using a plaster, which normally comes off after an hour, try Vaseline on the areas of the shoe causing the problems.


30: Candlestick Cleaning - While lighting candles for a romantic and intimate meal might seem fun at the time, the candleholders are now streaked with wax. In the future, we advise lining the inside of the holder with petroleum jelly and the wax will then become much easier to clean.

31: Shower Curtain Efficiency - With a small amount of Vaseline on the curtain holder, you’ll be good to go.

shower vaseline

32: Lip Stain Home Recipe - As strange as it sounds, you can create a balm with Vaseline and Kool-Aid that lasts much longer than expensive balms.

33: Lubricate Hinges - Do you have to endure the squeaking of the drawer every time you need cutlery? Whether a drawer, door, or window, you can apply Vaseline with a paintbrush and this should lubricate the hinge or runner.

34: Squirrel Prevention - After buying a bird feeder, it can be frustrating to watch the greedy squirrels eating all the food. We have a secret; petroleum jelly on the pole will remove their grip and your birds can enjoy all the food they want.


35: Manicure Perfection - If you apply Vaseline to the outside of the nails before painting, you can stay within the limits and perfect the desired look.


36: Prevent Bulbs from Sticking - If you regularly get bulbs sticking in the fixtures, Vaseline can go onto the threads before replacing the bulb and this will keep it lubricated.

light bulb

37: Temporary WD40 Replacement - Can’t find the WD40? Petroleum jelly makes for a good replacement (especially when trying to get a key inside a lock!).


38: Easy Earring Installation - After not wearing earrings for a while, it can be tough getting them back in but Vaseline will make it significantly easier (and less painful!).


39: Eyelash Glue Remover - While faux lashes will look stunning for your big event, the glue can make it difficult to keep your real lashes intact so try petroleum jelly


40: Remove Lipstick Stains - Sometimes, lipstick can get onto clothing and other soft materials but petroleum jelly will draw the stain out if applied before then washing.


41: Protect Your Pumpkin - When Halloween rolls around, Vaseline can be used on the exposed edges to prevent rotting and having to replace it half-way through the season.

42: Cracked Pet Paws - Just as petroleum jelly can help our cracked feet, you can help your pet’s cracked paw pads with a gentle application too.

43: Eye Shadow Intensifier - Rather than using a powder shadow, why not add Vaseline and turn it into a cream? To avoid creasing, prime the lids beforehand with translucent powder and foundation.

eye shadow

44: Loosen Sticky Fridge Shelves - After coating the edges of the fridge shelves, you should notice a difference in its movement.

45: Razor Burn Treatment - Finally, apply some cold petroleum jelly after shaving your legs and this will act as a moisturizer while also leaving a healthy glow.

There we have it, the magic of petroleum jelly; if you don’t have a tub in your home, you’re missing out on all these fantastic hacks!

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