November 28, 2020

Natural ways to get rid of double chin

If there is one area of flab that’s most difficult to get rid of, it’s the double chin. Of course, instead of being a literal second chin, a double chin is excess fat that accumulates underneath the chin, beneath the lower jawbone. This means that you can actually get rid of it, though it may not be easy to do so.

The double chin is a stubborn area to tackle, but if it’s knocking your self-esteem or getting you down, you can gradually shrink it down with a bit of perseverance.

So, what causes a double chin in the first place?

Weight gain

Weight gain is one of the causes of double chin

Often, the main cause of a double chin is weight gain. As a double chin is usually excess fat and skin, being overweight can cause the accumulation of that extra flab. Rapid weight gain or even weight loss can be a cause as well.


Aging is another cause of double chin

Weight isn’t the only factor that can cause your double chin, though. Your age also comes into play, so if you find yourself getting a double chin in your autumn years, your age could be the answer. 

When you get older, your skin loses its elasticity, causing the skin around the neck and jaw to sag.

Genetic makeup

Additionally, your unique genetic makeup could lead to the development of a double chin, no matter how hard you to reverse it. In this case, unfortunately, it’s unlikely that exercise or eating habits will make much of a difference to your double chin.

Poor posture

Although poor posture isn’t so much of a cause, it can worsen your double chin problems. Think of this: if you’re always slouching in a chair or looking down at your phone, your neck is in a constant state of flexion, which can cause wrinkles and weaken the muscles of that area.

Bad diet

Bad diet can also result to double chin

As we’ve mentioned, the main cause of a double chin is being overweight. So, it would make sense that poor eating habits, along with an inactive lifestyle, can cause excess fat gain. Fat can accumulate pretty much anywhere in the body, and for some, it accumulates underneath the chin.

Different ways to get rid of a double chin

Luckily, if you’re currently dealing with a double chin, there are more than a few ways to combat it. There’s no need to pay hundreds of pounds on expensive surgery, either, as there’s an abundance of effective natural options to try out.

1. Eat right

Eat fresh fruits and veggies to decrease calorie intake

Simply making sure to fuel your body with proper nutrition and partaking in an active lifestyle is enough to help get rid of a double chin. The most common reason for a double chin is weight gain, and the best solution to weight gain is making sure to eat right and exercise frequently. Taking in too many calories and overeating will cause you to put on weight, which you’ll notice as a build-up of fat around the body, including your jaw area.

Amending your diet and eating right doesn’t have to mean resisting all of your favourite foods. Just cut down on them and focus on healthier choices

Try switching out processed foods like refined grains, cereals, crisps, baked goods, and fried foods for more whole foods, like fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, fish, and whole grains. This will help you to decrease your number of total calories while still keeping you full for longer due to the high fibre and protein intake.

Natural and effective ways to get rid of double chin

2. Eat mindfully

Eat mindfully and avoid distractions while eating

Eating right and eating mindfully are two entirely separate things. Even if you’re eating good foods, if you’re not eating mindfully, you may find yourself eating more than your body actually needs. And if you’re not paying attention to the food you’re putting in your mouth, it’s likely that you won’t even be enjoying it.

Eating mindfully is all about slowing down your eating habits, which will help massively with portion control. To eat mindfully, make sure to eat without distractions, such as your TV or phone, and chew slowly. 

Focus on what you’re eating and the way the food tastes. This will help you to tune into your body more effectively and ultimately eat less than you normally would if you scarfed down your food.

Mindful eating applies to snacking, too. If you need to grab something in a hurry, making a mindful decision, such as an apple or granola bar as opposed to chocolates or a bag of crisps, will help to prevent additional weight gain to your chin area.

3. Get out and move

Go for a walk during lunch breaks to shift excess weight

Of course, when it comes to preventing weight gain and ultimately losing weight from your double chin, nutrition is only half the battle. An active lifestyle also plays a crucial role in keeping that extra weight off, so be sure not to leave that out of your fat loss mission. As most people live sedentary lifestyles, it’s no surprise that many of us struggle with weight gain and a double chin issue.

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of exercise, you will usually be able to find something that suits you. For example, if cardio isn’t your thing, try resistance training two to three times a week. You can use weights, your own body weight, or machines to help tone your muscles and promote fat loss at your own pace.

For people who prefer to break a real sweat, cardio exercise, like jogging and exercise classes, may help. Even just going for walks on your lunch break from work, or taking short, 15-minute walks throughout the day will help you to shift that excess weight and get rid of your double chin.

4. Perform specific chin exercises

While exercise, in general, is a great way to reduce your all-over body fat, if you want to focus on your chin area in particular, you’ll need to be more particular with the type of exercises you do. A number of exercises can be done to strengthen and shape the muscles of your neck and jaw area, which should, over time, give the appearance of a well-sculpted jawline. It’s probably best to try these exercises at home, as they can look a bit funny to do!

Some of the most effective chin exercises include:

a. The pucker-up exercises

As silly as it might look, making the famous pouting “duck face” over and over again can genuinely strengthen your jawline. To try it out for yourself, just straighten your posture, tilt your head back, and look at the ceiling. Then pucker your lips as if you’re blowing a kiss to the ceiling, and you should feel a stretch in the area beneath your chin.

Hold this position for 5 to 20 seconds before releasing the hold and returning to your starting position. You can then repeat this exercise between 10 and 15 times every day for a few weeks for the best results.

b. The jut jaw exercise

This type of exercise both stretches and strengthens your lower jaw area, helping to structure the chin area and ultimately shift the unwanted fat. To try this one out, start in the same position as before, with your spine straight. 

Then slowly tilt your head back until you’re looking at the ceiling and push your lower jaw forward, as if you were creating an underbite. You’ll feel the stretch under your chin.

Hold this position for approximately 5 to 10 seconds, then relax your jaw and return your head to the starting position. Repeat 2 to 3 times a day in bouts of 5 to 10.

5. Chew some gum

Chew gum to strengthen muscle jaw

To really get your jaw muscles working without thinking about it, chew some gum! Chewing gum has been shown to strengthen the muscles of the jaw, and you get the added benefit of treating yourself to something tasty.

Remember though, to make sure that you chew sugarless gum to avoid those extra calories and ward off tooth decay. You should also avoid gums that have artificial sweeteners, and go for the ones with natural sweeteners instead. 

The best times to chew gum is just before you eat a meal and just after you finish eating. This can also help with digestion, plus curb your cravings for an after-dinner sweet snack, so it’s a win-win situation.

6. Drink plenty of water

Drink lots of water to reduce double chin and bloated face

Many medical studies have proven that drinking plenty of water can help with weight loss efforts in general. But in particular, experts say that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day also helps reduce a double chin and bloated face.

Making sure that your body stays well hydrated will help to prevent water retention that can result in a puffy face and chin, as well as preserving the elasticity of your skin and preventing sagging.

Additionally, signs of thirst are often interpreted by the body as hunger signals, which may cause you to overeat unnecessarily. Staying hydrated, therefore, will help you to only reach for a snack when you’re legitimately hungry.

7. Correct your posture

As we mentioned earlier, posture plays a small but significant role in the development of a double chin. Having your head bent over and slightly tilted downwards for extended periods of time is far from ideal if you’re looking to get a sculpted jaw.

A few small adjustments to your posture can help you to ward off a double chin. When you’re sitting and standing, make sure that your spine and neck are in alignment, and try to avoid bending over to look at a screen. Be mindful of your position and correct any slouching or stooping as soon as you realise you’re doing it.

8. Massage your chin

Have regular face massages to improve blood circulation

As you age, your skin loses its natural elasticity. Regular face massages, which help improve blood circulation, can help you retain some of that youthful glow. Just grab your usual serum or moisturizer, lean back in a seated position with your head resting on a pillow, and get started.

Starting at the chin, knead and pinch your jawline with upward movements toward your earlobe. Use your index and middle fingers, like you’re cutting with a pair of scissors, pinching and kneading with firm movements. Repeat this in the morning and evening to encourage blood circulation around your chin area, and you should notice a gradual change to the shape of your jawline.


If you were thinking about having surgery on your double chin, save your money! Make sure to try out all of the tips mentioned in this video before you resort to surgical procedures.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and be honest. Could you do with losing a few pounds? If the answer is yes, simply losing weight may be enough to get rid of your double chin. 

The only time you will ever need to consider surgery is if your double chin has genetically been passed onto you – but even then, it’s worth questioning whether it’s really worth it. A double chin is just a double chin, after all!

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