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April 1, 2018

Not only are soy candles healthier to burn, as they burn at a lower temperature that decreases toxic black smoke, but they are also better for the environment.

Soy candles are made with a soy-based wax, rather than paraffin, which is derived from petroleum products. If you’re ever in doubt, buy one of each and see how better-smelling your room’s air quality will be when the soy wax one is burned.

Soy candles can also be much pricier than cheap candles. Many people choose to make their own soy-based candles, as they control ingredients, and can make them into many fun moulded shapes and sizes.

You can choose to make unscented or fragrance-free candles as gifts for loved ones who suffer allergies, or you can add your own essential oil blends.

Here are a few essential oil ideas to help get you started.

1. Lavender essential oil. Not everyone loves all floral smells, but lavender is one that most people enjoy. This scent has been especially popular the past couple years. Besides its soothing smell, it can also help to boost your mood, and make you de-stress. It can also freshen a room that’s been closed out for the winter.  FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE

2. Peppermint essential oil. This oil is essential for not only banishing headaches and migraines, but also helping to clear the sinuses when you have a bad cold or allergies. It has a cooling effect for people who suffer from fevers from bad colds or flu bugs.  FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE

3. Rose essential oil. Most people are so busy feeling stressed out about work that they forget about their sensual side. Burning rose soy candles can provide a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. The rose oil evokes the smells of a real rose bouquet. Just be sure that your rose essential oil is 100% natural, not synthetic!  FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE

4. Lemon essential oil. If your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom is smelling bad, burning a lemon soy candle will help to clear the air. This fresh lemon scent will help to stimulate positive emotions. It also has antiseptic properties that can help clean the air of anything that shouldn’t be there, such as bacteria or viruses from sick family.  FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE

5. Cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon oil is good for activities where you must focus and concentrate. If you’re studying for an exam, or working on a big report for work, burning a cinnamon soy candle will help to boost concentration for the hours ahead. It also helps to increase your comfort as you sit in your chair, and can evoke fond memories of the past.  FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO PURCHASE CLICK HERE

When mixing your homemade soy candles you can also mix and match your essential oil fragrances. You may wish to try a few drops in a dish first, before pouring it into your melted soy wax.

Candle making is a fun hobby, and also has additional benefits of helping your mind to relax so you feel better refreshed for that Monday ahead. Choosing the best essential oils for soy candles is a great way to make soothing candles that can help boost your mood, and make you feel better.

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