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October 24, 2017


If you’re looking for a DIY blackhead treatment that claims to keep your pores and skin glowing and blackhead free, then check out this method. It includes a common household ingredient that we have all worked with during our lives: Multi-functional liquid glue such as Elmer's Glue.

But before we go deeper, let's take a look at the way the Elmer's glue mask exactly works.  By mixing up charcoal (OPTIONAL) and glue together and applying it as a mask, the pimples will be pulled out of your face when the dried glue is peeled away.  Any loose bits are washed away using clean water when rinsing the face mask out.

The concept is that the glue and charcoal together have the ability to draw toxins and impurities and will eliminate the pimples and blackheads.

The amusing thing is that charcoal Face scrub masks have been around for ages will perform that by itself.   Charcoal face mask are probably the most popular way of removing blackhead heads along with extractor tools.

Charcoal is absorbed easily, which is why it's actually efficient at getting harmful bacteria, dirt and grime, and oil build-up from the surface of the face.

Extractor Tool

blackhead tools

Charcoal Mask

blackhead treatment

Nevertheless, charcoal's antiseptic attributes indicate that you must rub it sensibly and in small amounts, or you might get irritated skin or dry patches on the skin.

Is it Safe to Use Glue to Remove Blackheads?

You should know the potential health risks before you put a DIY glue mask on your face.  Let’s start with the most obvious risk which is the ingredients employed to produce the glue.

The majority of glue consists of polymers which provide its sticky-strength; on the other hand, some glue can consist of aluminum powder which is certainly not what you want on your smooth face.

This leads me to the next factor, the warning labeling on glues. Regarding to specifically to Elmer's glue website, it says if the glue touches your facial skin, you ought to rinse it out instantly with water and soap.

Glue is definitely a strong adhesive and you could possibly find yourself clogging your skin pores with chemicals.

Also pulling the glue off could be unpleasant and if you pull the glue to strongly off your face it can cause itchiness and dryness. 


Exactly How to Get Rid Of Blackheads Using Glue

You need to buy some multi-functional school glue. You have to place the sticky stuff over your nose and after that wait 15 mins or so until the glue dries.  Then cautiously peel it off. As the glue pulls from your skin, it adheres with each blackhead and pulls it out, de-clogging every pore.

There are many YouTube video showing excellent results. Make sure you are aware that you are going to feel a tightening when the glue is drying out.   It will also take quite some effort and hard work to peel the glue off and it ought to be taken off cautiously, preferably in one piece.

For those who have sensitive and low tolerance of pain, I suggest patch testing the glue to verify if you are able to endure the pain it requires peeling off the glue off your nose.

If you want try it for yourself just be sure you are not sensitive to your selected glue and that it definitely says, "Non-toxic" on the label.

PVA glue is another glue that's often mentioned as well.

Elmer's Glue

elmer's glue

PVA Glue

pva glue

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