October 24, 2020

6 home remedies to itchy skin

Itchy skin is something we’ve all experienced, whether momentarily or on a long-term basis. While you’ll certainly know that itchy skin is unpleasant, annoying, and sometimes even painful, you might not be able to pinpoint the exact cause to your itchiness.

There are several common, and a number of less common, causes of itchy skin. Determining the reason for your skin’s itchiness based on your symptoms will help you to treat the problem and relieve the itchiness as quickly as possible.

In this video, we’ll be covering all the causes of itchy skin you need to be aware of, and how to treat each issue.

Very dry skin

making sure to moisturise every morning and evening will keep the dry skin at bay

The problem: Very dry skin

You might not think it, but having extremely dry skin is enough to cause itching. Usually, dry skin causes itching because its natural oils dry up or aren't doing their job properly. 

When skin isn't properly moisturised, it will get irritated, resulting in itchiness.

The solution: Moisturise

Dry skin can be caused by the weather, heat, certain clothing materials, and harsh or irritable chemicals in skincare products. For the majority of people, making sure to moisturise every morning and evening will keep the dry skin at bay. 

Avoiding harsh chemicals and materials that make your itchiness worse will also help.

Bug bites

wear insect repellent to protect yourself from insects

The problem: Bug bites

We’re surrounded by thousands of bugs, some of them peskier than others. If you live in an area that has a high mosquito population, chances are, you’ll experience a fair few mosquito bites over your time, which can cause a relentless short-term itchiness. 

Other bugs may also crawl onto your skin and bite you at night, or live on your skin over a certain period of time, like bed bugs and lice.

The solution: Bug-proof yourself and your home

While you can’t exactly eliminate the entire population of bugs from the world, you can at least bug-proof yourself and your home to reduce your potential for being bitten. Wear insect repellent when you’re leaving the house in the evenings, and throw out mattresses or other soft furniture items that have become infested with bugs.

Itchy skin conditions

The problem: Itchy skin conditions

There are hundreds of itchy skin conditions that exist today. The most common of these include dermatitis, chicken pox, psoriasis, hand-foot-and-mouth disease, and eczema. These conditions can be caused through viral spreading from one person or another, or as a result of coming into contact with an allergen or irritant.

The solution: Seek a GP diagnosis

It’s often hard to differentiate between skin conditions, as their symptoms can appear quite similar. A doctor is experienced in detecting skin conditions, and can quickly diagnose your problem and put together a treatment plan to soothe the itching.

what causes itchy skin

Skin cancer

The problem: Skin cancer

You might think about cancer as being an under-the-surface disease that can’t be seen or felt, but skin cancer is different – and it can often cause physical symptoms itchiness. Some forms of skin cancer can appear as a crusty sore that itches. Melanoma, a particularly deadly form of skin cancer, can take the form of itchy, scabbed moles that don’t heal.

The solution: Get your skin checked out

As our awareness of skin cancer continues to grow, there is now more medical support for the disease than ever, particularly in skin cancer prevention. Many skin cancer specialists offer skin checks to patients who are concerned about a particular mole or skin abnormality.

If your mole is causing itchiness, whether it’s cancerous or not, you can usually arrange to get it removed.

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Allergic skin reaction

The problem: Allergic skin reaction

One of the most common symptoms of an allergic skin reaction is itching. This may be accompanied by blistering, redness, dryness, a rash, a scratchy throat, and watery eyes. Itching is caused by irritation, which some people experience from certain products more than others.

The solution: Treat the cause of the problem

Skin allergies can be caused by a number of factors, including irritants in soaps, food allergies, touching clothing, pets, and substances like poison ivy and cosmetics, so you’ll first need to determine the cause of your allergy. Try eliminating potential triggers one by one and seeing whether doing so helps with the itching.

Old age

use moisturizer to relieve itch due to dry skin

The problem: Old age

As we age, our skin becomes thinner and naturally retains less moisture. This can lead to skin dryness, which, in turn, results in itchiness. Dryness and itchiness may especially become a problem in adults over the age of 65.

The solution: Moisturise

Usually, if your itchy skin is caused by dryness, you’ll be able to clear it up by moisturising. It might also be worth paying a visit to your GP to check that there isn’t another underlying cause of your skin itchiness.


While this video covers the more common causes of skin itchiness, if you’re still not certain, get the issue checked out by a doctor. Itchy skin is unpleasant, especially when it’s accompanied by pain. Making sure you’re giving it the correct treatment will help to resolve the problem faster and prevent it from cropping up again in the future.

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