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July 14, 2018

In this article I’m going to show the best way to cleanse you colon at home that works

The small and large intestine make up the human body’s digestive system.

The large intestine is comprised of a muscular tube called the colon, and its job is to absorb the healthy minerals and nutrients the body needs and to expel the waste it doesn’t.

Foods that are high in fiber move much quicker through the digestion system. People who consume a lot of processed foods or foods without good fiber content tend to feel constipated.

These foods move slowly through the colon, blocking the body from expelling the waste it needs.

It takes an average of six to eight meals before the colon expels the waste. Again, not expelling the waste regularly can lead to constipation, bloating and low energy levels.

This is why you need to cleanse your colon every now and then.   WATCH THIS VIDEO FOR MORE INFO

What are the best ingredients to do a colon cleanse with?


This fruit is loaded with soluble fiber, which is important to the digestion system.

Apples slow the absorption of carbohydrates down from consumed foods and reduces the body’s blood cholesterol level. They’ve also been known to help stead the body’s blood sugar levels. 

Various studies have concluded that fiber can help with nutrient absorption and aid the colon in the movement and expelling of waste.

Since apples are so good for the digestion system, it’s always a good idea to add organic apple juice to your diet.


Ginger has an array of health benefits that also tastes great. It’s been used for many generations to treat a plethora of conditions such as arthritis, colds, hypertension, migraines and nausea.

Ginger is one of the best ingredients to add to a detox drink. Why? It increases the muscular activity of the digestive tract, which helps with digestion and absorption and cuts down on the feeling of constipation and flatulence. 


Remember, ginger isn’t just for the colon, which is why you should add it to your diet somehow, someway.


This citrus fruit is loaded with vitamin C. It’s high in antioxidants and offers many benefits besides adding in the digestion process.

If a lemon is added to warm water, it can help with heartburn and bloating and can help alleviate the levels stomach acidity. 

lemon juice

Apple, Lemon and Ginger Juice Cleansing Recipe


- 1/2 c. pure organic apple juice
- 2 tbsp. organic lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best)
- 1 tsp. organic ginger juice
- 1/2 c. lukewarm filtered water
- 1/2 tsp. sea salt


Just add all ingredients to a jug and stir. Drink the concoction on an empty stomach every morning. Drink two additional glasses with and after your lunch and another two glasses either before or after dinner.

It’s a good idea to drink at least five large glasses or eight smaller glasses a day to get the benefits the drink can provide. The cleansing process should not last more than a day.

Special Note – Never use a detox recipe without first talking to your doctor. This is especially important if you are diabetic, pregnant, have allergies or any other condition that could make a cleanse dangerous for you.


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